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Ben Wyatt is a character portrayed by Adam Scott in the NBC comedy show Parks and Recreation. When he was 18, Ben was elected mayor of a town called Patridge. His immaturity and lack of real experience led him to drive the city into bankruptcy after having built a winter sports complex called Ice Town. The town’s bankruptcy is the primary reason he is unofficially banned from Patridge. This experience he gained in his younger years eventually led him to become a state auditor helping cities escape bankruptcy. And it’s the auditor job that he has when audiences first see Ben.

Get the look of the redemption-seeking state official by following this Ben Wyatt costume guide. Anyone auditing your look will have a hard time because it’s such an easy costume to follow! Start with a gingham button-down paired with a slim black tie and grey chino pants. Then dress it up with a dress belt, dress shoes, and a watch.

Ben Wyatt Cosplay Costumes

One might describe Ben Wyatt as a geeky guy who is endlessly obsessed with calzones. So geeky that he made his own board game, similar to Dungeons and Dragons, called The Cones of Dunshire. Fans call him The Architect since he created the game. He is also known to make terrible, corny jokes. It is precisely for these reasons, though, that Ben Wyatt is one of the most loved characters in the Parks and Recreation series. Even more so as the relationship between him and the show’s lead character Leslie Knope, portrayed by Amy Poehler, develops.

His look may seem like an ordinary casual attire, but sliding in a few Ben Wyatt references will get Parks and Recreation fans loving your costume. Invite your Parks and Rec fam and make it a costume party. Get your friends to dress up as other fan favorites like Burt Macklin, Duke Silver, Leslie Knope, or Janet Snakehole.

Ben Wyatt Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the quirky and charming essence of “Parks and Recreation” with our costume guide FAQ, tailored for Ben Wyatt, the lovable and often hilariously serious character. Known for his geeky interests and earnest demeanor, Ben’s style is the epitome of a smart-casual government employee. This guide is crafted to help you replicate his signature look, ideal for fans of the show, cosplay enthusiasts, or anyone looking to capture the essence of Pawnee’s budget-conscious city manager.

Ben Wyatt's typical attire is smart-casual and approachable. Key elements include a button-up shirt (often plaid or in a solid, subdued color), a slim-fit tie, a casual blazer or suit jacket, and dress pants. He is often seen wearing sensible dress shoes. His style is neat and professional yet approachable, reflecting his character's blend of earnestness and practicality.

Ben Wyatt has a neat, clean-cut hairstyle, with his hair combed to the side. For facial features, maintain a clean-shaven look or a very neatly trimmed beard, as Ben's appearance is typically very tidy and well-groomed.

To enhance your Ben Wyatt costume, consider carrying a messenger bag or a briefcase, symbolizing his role in city management. You could also include props like a "Cones of Dunshire" board game or a calzone, referencing some of Ben's most beloved moments on the show.

Choose a slim-fit tie, which Ben often wears in solid colors or subtle patterns. His blazers or suit jackets are usually in neutral colors like navy, gray, or dark brown, and are well-fitted but not overly formal. These elements contribute to his smart yet accessible style.

Ben Wyatt, known for his dry humor and relatable geekiness, has several memorable lines, such as: “I am a calzone enthusiast.,” “Why does anyone eat anything besides breakfast food?,” “I kind of know what I’m doing now. You know, I’ve got some spreadsheets, a couple of folders. I’m like 70% sure I’m not committing fraud.,” “They’ll only talk to you or me. And I can’t go, because I don’t want to.,” and “I don't even have time to tell you how wrong you are. Actually, it's gonna bug me if I don't.” These quotes perfectly capture Ben's quirky, earnest, and often humorously serious personality, adding authenticity to your cosplay.

About Ben Wyatt

To further the assumption of Ben Wyatt’s nerdiness, he is known to be a massive fan of the following things—model trains, Game of Thrones (his eBay name is “Tall Tyrion Lannister”), Batman, Star Trek, Fringe, Twin Peaks, Harrison Ford, Star Wars, and Homeland. He is also known to be a nationally ranked player of the popular board game Settlers of Catan and is very vocal about his dislike for Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation of Lord of the Rings.

Apart from his immense love for calzones, he also loves everything considered to be “early 90’s.” His favorite band is R.E.M., and he has proven this by coming up with a synchronized roller skate dance with Leslie to the song Losing My Religion. His relationship with Leslie Knope is known to be one of the most well-loved TV romances of the last decade, especially with the massive following from Parks and Recreation fans.

Ben Wyatt

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