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Best Ben Hanscom Costume Guide

Benjamin “Ben” Hanscom is a newcomer to the town of Derry, Maine in the movie, It, who helped put together the pieces of what exactly was going on with the disappearance of children. While he may get bullied and pushed around by Henry and the others, he’s a lovable character who uses his intelligence and engineering skills to help out the others in the battle against It. He also has an intense crush on Beverly Marsh. Get the look of the smartest, yet the chubbiest member of the Loser’s club with this Ben Hanscom costume guide.

If you want to become one of the members of the Loser’s Club in Stephen King’s It, you’ll need a few items to recreate the look of Ben Hanscom. You’ll need a short layered wig that looks similar to Ben’s hairstyle, a men’s solar system t-shirt, casual cargo shorts, men’s crew socks, men’s fashion sneakers, and a beach cruiser to really complete the look!

Ben Hanscom Cosplay Costumes

Get your nose out of a book and get ready to recreate the look of Benjamin “Ben” Hanscom from Stephen King’s horror novel, It. As the smartest member of the loser club, you’ll need to get Ben’s look just right. His nerdy side shows in his outfit as he’s dressed in a solar system shirt paired with cargo shorts. You can match his messy hairstyle with a brown layered wig. Otherwise, Ben wears pretty typical socks and tennis shoes. Now that you’ve got the look of Ben down, you should be ready to take on It by yourself.

You’ll need a few close friends by your side that you trust to have your back as you face the dreadful clown Pennywise head on. Gather what friends you can and have them dress as the various members of the Loser’s Club such as Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough, and Richie Tozier to stand your ground the sociopathic Henry Bowers and other local bullies.

Ben Hanscom Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the eerie world of Stephen King’s “IT” with our Ben Hanscom costume guide FAQ. Ideal for fans of the novel and its film adaptations, this guide focuses on recreating the look of the young, kind-hearted member of the Losers’ Club. Whether you’re dressing up for a themed event or a fan gathering, this guide covers Ben’s typical 80s attire and key accessories, ensuring your portrayal captures his thoughtful and resilient character.

Ben Hanscom's outfit, reflective of a typical kid in the 80s, is simple yet recognizable. It often includes a short-sleeve, button-up shirt, often with a pattern or plaid design, paired with denim jeans. Ben is also known for wearing a dark, zip-up hoodie or a denim jacket, depending on the weather in Derry, Maine. His clothes are typically well-worn and casual, fitting the profile of a young boy in a small town.

Ben Hanscom sports a neat, short hairstyle, typical of a young boy in the late 80s. To replicate this, you can either style your hair with a bit of gel to keep it tidy and side-parted or use a wig that matches his hair color and style. Ben's hair is not overly styled, maintaining a natural and youthful look.

For shoes, Ben would likely wear simple sneakers or casual shoes, common for kids in the 80s. Opt for a pair of classic, low-top sneakers in a neutral color like white, black, or grey. The shoes should look worn-in, as they would be for an active young boy.

While Ben doesn't have distinct accessories, carrying items that reflect his character can enhance the costume. These might include a backpack, school books, or even a model building, as he's interested in architecture. If you're grouping with other Losers' Club members, coordinating your props can add to the ensemble effect.

Ben is known for his intelligence, kindness, and his secret crush on Beverly. Some ways to embody his character include: Demonstrating a shy, introspective demeanor. Quoting, "Derry is not like any town I've been in before.," Recalling facts about Derry's history, showing his interest in the town, Expressing admiration for Beverly subtly, Showing courage in the face of fear and characteristic of his role in the Losers' Club, Incorporating these traits and actions can bring depth to your portrayal of Ben Hanscom, highlighting his role as the heart of the Losers' Club.

About Ben Hanscom

Shy and intelligent, Ben Hanscom didn’t always stand out except for the few instances where Henry Bowers would find him and bully him for being overweight. One of the first friends he would make in Derry was a girl who went by the name of Beverly Marsh. Ben quickly developed a crush on Beverly but as children she was only interested in Bill.

But as they both grew up and returned to Derry, Beverly quickly grew feelings for Ben and ended up dating before eventually getting married to him. Returning to Derry wasn’t an easy feat for Ben. He always feared the thing known as It and never wanted to witness it’s horror again. He eventually grew the courage and returned to fight It one last time so no more children would be harmed.

Ben Hanscom

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