How to Dress Like Beirut the Mad Bomber

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Beirut the Mad Bomber Costume Guide
High Cut Low Back One-Piece
Purple Eye Shadow
Natural Pantyhose
Bullet Belt
Turban Hat
Long Curly Wig
Lace Up Combat Boots
Metallic Sheen Leotard

Best Beirut the Mad Bomber Costume Guide

Beirut the Mad Bomber is the wrestling alter-ego of Arthie Premkumar, a character that appears in the series GLOW on Netflix. GLOW is the fictional story of a real-life women’s wrestling competition, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, that was formed in the 1980’s. Arthie, played by Sunita Mani, is actually a strapped for cash medical student, but with her Indian-American appearance, she becomes stereotyped as a middle-eastern terrorist. This causes Arthie great angst as her storyline progresses. While only a secondary character, she is a big hit with fans on GLOW. Get the look of the woman wrestler with this Beirut the Mad Bomber costume guide.

Cosplay as Beirut the Mad Bomber by wearing a Metallica Sheen Leotard, Low Back One-Piece, Natural Pantyhose, Long Curly Wig, Turban Hat, Lace-Up Combat Boots, Bullet Belt, and Purple Eye Shadow.

Beirut the Mad Bomber Cosplay Costumes

There is no doubting the popularity of GLOW as this Netflix series has been delighting fans since 2017. Beirut the Mad Bomber is just one of the many incredibly costumed female wrestlers that appear on the popular show. Based on an all-female wrestling circuit, The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was founded by David McLane in the 1980’s. GLOW has been praised for its incredible costumes and characters. Surely, you want to get in on the action too!

Why not get some friends together and cosplay other GLOW wrestlers such as Britannica, Junkchain, Zoya the Destroyer, Liberty Belle, and Machu Picchu! With the Netflix series, GLOW only growing in popularity, get in on the fun and start dressing as your favorite characters this Halloween!

About Beirut the Mad Bomber

Beirut the Mad Bomber is one of the secondary characters in the Netflix series GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). She is the wrestling persona of Arthie Premkumar, an Indian-American medical student who joins the wrestling circuit. Due to her appearance, she is given the look of a middle-eastern terrorist named Beirut the Mad Bomber. During her debut match, fans greet her with insults and hostility, seemingly offended by her in-ring persona. In fact, it is Arthie herself who feels offended by the stereotypical gimmick she is presented as, mainly due to her skin color.

Throughout the series, this becomes an issue for Arthie, and she desperately tries to recreate a new persona for herself and shake off the Mad Bomber characterization. Unfortunately, other girls on the circuit steal her ideas, which leads to conflict within the group. As a medical student, Arthie provides first-aid for her fellow wrestlers backstage as she is the only one with any medical training.

Beirut the Mad Bomber

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