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Beast Boy Shirt
Long Sleeve Compression Shirt
Compression Tight Pants Base
Grey Gloves
Green Hair Spray
Green Face Paint
Fashion Colored Bottom Sneakers
Pointed Elf/Werewolf Ear Tips

Best Beast Boy Costume Guide

Get a costume like Beast Boy, one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans, the DC Comics superhero group made up of teenagers. After contracting Sakutia, Beast Boy was given a serum that gave shape-changing abilities, but turned his skin, hair, and eyes green. Beast Boy along with Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven are entrusted with the safety of Jump City, California. Turn green like Beast Boy with Green Hair Spray, Green Face Paint, Long Sleeve Compression Shirt, and Compression Tight Pants Base. Then join with Team Titan dressed in a Beast Boy Shirt, Fashion Colored Bottom Sneakers, Grey Gloves, and Pointed Elf/Werewolf Ear Tips.

Beast Boy Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking to cosplay this member of the Teen Titans, you may need a few extra things to really nail his character but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive! Because of a mishap from a serum, Beast Boy has a green hue to him and for you to get this, you may need green hairspray and face paint along with pointed ears that you may need to paint. His outfit can be put together rather simply with a beast boy shirt, a black compression shirt underneath, compression tights and a pair of grey gloves. Purple shoes with a hint of black and grey will round out your look and give you that superhero look. While you may be lacking the shapeshifting powers, It won’t be long until you’re looking like a member of the Teen Titans and because it’s a group of superheroes, this is a cosplay that can be done easily with friends. Have your friends dress up as the other four such as Cyborg and Starfire and you’ll be ready to fight crime in no time. Take a look at the featured pictures below if you need a few ideas and send us a few of your group cosplay! We’d love to see what you come up with.

Beast Boy Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the fun-loving and shape-shifting superhero from “Teen Titans” with our Beast Boy costume guide FAQ. Whether for a convention, a themed party, or just for fun, this guide will help you capture the essence of Beast Boy’s unique style and character. From his distinctive green skin to his casual superhero attire, we’ll answer your most pressing questions to help you create an authentic Beast Boy look.

Beast Boy's outfit is relatively simple yet iconic. The key elements include a purple and black jumpsuit or a purple and black t-shirt with matching shorts, a purple belt, white gloves, and white, slip-on shoes. The most distinctive feature of Beast Boy is his green skin, which can be achieved with body paint or a green bodysuit.

For Beast Boy's green skin, use high-quality, hypoallergenic body paint in a bright green shade. Ensure the paint is safe for face and body application. Apply it evenly for a consistent look. For a less messy alternative, consider wearing a full-body green bodysuit or green tights and a long-sleeved green shirt.

Beast Boy has short, spiky, green hair. You can use a short green wig and style it with hair gel or hair spray to achieve the spiky look. If you prefer to use your own hair, you can temporarily dye it green using washable hair color sprays or chalks.

Important accessories for Beast Boy include a purple belt and white gloves. The belt can be a simple purple strap or a more detailed utility belt, depending on the version you're replicating. The gloves should be snug-fitting and can be either wrist-length or go up to the forearm, based on different iterations of the character.

Including Beast Boy's playful and humorous personality can really enhance your cosplay. Here are some memorable lines and actions: "Dude, chill out!" "I'm not just funny. I'm also green." and "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!." These elements will help you not only look like Beast Boy but also capture his spirited and fun-loving essence.

About Beast Boy

Beast Boy is one of five members from the Teen Titans which is a DC superhero group. Beast Boy wasn’t actually always a superhero and the reason for his powers came after he contracted a disease known as Sakutia. Fearing for their son, his parents created a serum to help save him and it, in turn, gave him his shapeshifting abilities. The aftereffects of the serum though happened to be green coloring of his hair and skin which gives him his now signature look.

He’s known as the jokester among the Teen Titans and he adopts a rather carefree attitude to the life around him. That doesn’t stop him from being an amazing superhero though and he does everything in his power to combat crime and help save the people around him. He’s a rather popular character that if you mention him to almost anyone, we’re sure that they’ll know exactly who he is.

Beast Boy

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