How to Dress Like Baywatch Lifeguard (Female)

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Baywatch Lifeguard (Female) Costume Guide
Triangle Bikini
Women Backless Monikini Swimsuit
Mid-Rise Bikini Bottom
Pea Whistle and Lanyard
Inflatable Float
Lifeguard Fanny Pack

Best Baywatch Lifeguard (Female) Costume Guide

The show Baywatch began in 1989 and continued to run on television until 1999. Everyone enjoyed watching the show for the beautiful people, the dramatic events, and the dreamy California beach scenes. The men and the women on the show are near perfect, and their signature red swimsuits will forever be a staple piece of the show. The lifeguards are back at the beach with a reboot movie. Dress up just like the female lifeguards from the show and movie with this complete costume guide.

Get the look of a female Baywatch lifeguard with a Women Backless Monikini Swimsuit or the combination of a Triangle Bikini Top and a Mid-Rise Bikini Bottom. To get an even better look add a Pea Whistle and Lanyard, Inflatable Float, and Lifeguard Fanny Pack.

Baywatch Lifeguard (Female) Cosplay Costumes

Baywatch lifeguards are a costume that everyone will instantly know what character you are! Even though this is a popular costume, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a difficult one to recreate. We have all of the pieces you need to quickly and easily make your own version of the female Baywatch lifeguard outfit.

Recreate this look with either a one-piece red swimsuit or a two-piece coordinating red and blue swimsuit. Grab a whistle attached with a lanyard around your neck in case you need to alert anyone of danger. You’ll also need an inflatable float for rescuing swimmers and a lifeguard fanny pack to carry around your essentials. This can easily be made into a couples costume with another female Baywatch lifeguard or a male Baywatch lifeguard! Make sure to submit a picture so we can post the completed costume!

About Baywatch Lifeguard (Female)

Baywatch is a television series drama that was created to draw people into the beach life and all the drama that came along with it. The women of the show play as important of a role as the men. Even though many actresses came and left the show, their plots in the series continued to grow deeper. Of course, the women were enjoyable to watch on the show, but their personalities and issues kept us drawn in from one episode to the next!

Some of the actresses that appeared on the show are Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth, Nicole Eggert, Carmen Electra, and many others! The show made a name for itself because it dared to go where no television series had gone before! And the 2017 movie follows the same pattern.

Baywatch Lifeguard (Female)

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