How to Dress Like Bart Simpson

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Yellow 2nd Skin Supersuit
Bart Simpson Adult Costume Mask
22" Green Skateboard
Burnt Orange Short Sleeve Crew Tee
Vans Classic Slip-on Skate Shoes
Fox Selecter Deep Cobalt Chino Short

Best Bart Simpson Costume Guide

Get the costume to look like Bart Simpson, the daughter of Homer and Marge and older brother to Lisa and Maggie on the TV show The Simpsons. Bart is the mischievous character on The Simpsons and is often seen riding his skateboard and showing disrespect for authority. Get Bart’s look for Halloween with a Yellow 2nd Skin Supersuit, Burnt Orange Short Sleeve Crew Tee, Deep Cobalt Chino Shorts, and Vans Classic Slip-on Skate Shoes. Put on a Bart Simpson Adult Costume Mask, grab your 22″ Green Skateboard, and you’ve got the look.

Bart Simpson Cosplay Costumes

Feel like disobeying authority and being a little mischievous? Then you’ll probably enjoy dressing up as Bart Simpson who is definitely those two things. Bart is the son of Marge and Homer Simpson and oldest siblings to Maggie and Lisa. Bart is usually getting into trouble wherever he goes as he’s a pretty big troublemaker which gives his family quite a headache when they hear news of whatever he’s done. If you can find a few friends willing to dress as one of the many family members, you could have a pretty cool group costume going on, We’d love to see how creative you get with your Bart costume so don’t hesitate to send over a few pictures so we can feature them on our site!

The things you’ll need for a Bart costume are a yellow skin super suit, a Bart Simpson costume mask, a green skateboard, a burnt orange short-sleeve shirt, classic slip-on shoes and a pair of blue chino shorts.

Bart Simpson Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the world of mischief and adventure with our Bart Simpson costume guide FAQ, inspired by the notorious and beloved character from “The Simpsons.” This guide will help you capture Bart’s playful and rebellious spirit, perfect for fans looking to embody the quintessential animated troublemaker.

Bart Simpson's outfit is simple yet iconic. Key components include an orange short-sleeve crew neck t-shirt, blue shorts that hit above the knee, and blue sneakers with white accents. To truly capture Bart's look, you'll also need to replicate his spiky yellow hair and his skateboard, a staple in his list of accessories.

Bart's hair is one of his most defining features, with spikes that represent his hair. To achieve this look, use a yellow beanie or cap modified with spikes, or you can opt for a custom-made wig designed to mimic Bart's spiky hair. The color should be a bright, cartoonish yellow.

Bart wears simple blue sneakers with white accents. Any basic pair of blue sneakers or casual shoes with white laces or markings will work well. The key is to keep them plain and fitting with Bart's animated character design.

A critical accessory for a Bart Simpson costume is his skateboard, as it’s often associated with his character. You can carry a real skateboard or a lightweight, prop version. Additionally, you could include a slingshot in the back pocket of your shorts, another hallmark of Bart's mischievous personality.

Incorporating Bart Simpson's quotes can make your costume portrayal more authentic. Some classic Bart quotes include: "Eat my shorts!," "Ay, caramba!," "I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?," "Don't have a cow, man!" and "I didn’t do it." These quotes capture Bart's cheeky and rebellious nature, his catchphrases, and his knack for getting into and out of trouble.

About Bart Simpson

Bart is the eldest child of the Simpson household at ten years old and he causes quite a lot of havoc in the town. Bart is an underachiever and lazy and he’s pretty proud of this fact. He’s not an evil child by any means but when you put him up against his sister Lisa who happens to be a good role model, he does look like a bit of a bad child. He happens to get detention quite often or get in trouble with others in town and while he and his father have a pretty weird dynamic, his parents love and care for him tremendously. Bart and Lisa have the typical sibling relationship where they bicker and make life hard for each other but deep down they do love each other. They seem to always have a bit of a rivalry going on someway, somehow.

Bart is very attracted to his dog, Santa’s Little Helper and it usually seems like he’s the only person who does actually like the dog in the whole town.

Bart Simpson

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