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Best Barney Rubble Costume Guide

One of the most famous cartoons of all time has to be The Flintstones. It has served as a blueprint for a number of other cartoons throughout the years, and Barney Rubble is one of the main characters in the series. Barney is not terribly bright, however he is a loyal friend to the show’s main character, Fred Flintstone. While Fred comes up with crazy schemes, Barney often goes along for the ride despite disagreeing with him.

The most popular iteration of The Flintstones was the original cartoon series, and in this he was voiced by Mel Blanc between 1960-1989. He also appeared in a live-action film version of The Flintstones, where he was capably portrayed by Rick Moranis. If you want to become Fred Flintstone’s sidekick Barney Rubble, you’ll need a Barney Costume, Blonde Wig, Caveman Bat, Feet Slippers and a Barney Mask.

Barney Rubble Cosplay Costumes

The Flintstones is one of the most loved cartoons in history, and even though people have moved on to more confronting adult humor in cartoons these days, there is still a special place in people’s hearts for The Flintstones. With simple costumes, all of the characters from the show are so identifiable and immediately recognized. If you walk into a room dressed as Barney Rubble, people are going to know who you are instantly.

But surely Barney can’t go rocking up (get it?) to a party all by himself? You’ll need to call in some reinforcements to help you out here – every Barney needs his wife Betty, and obviously his best pal Fred Flintstone. So many lovable characters means heaps of fun for you and your friends, so get working on those costumes now and get ready to rock your next party like it’s 1999 BC.

Barney Rubble Costume Tips & FAQs

Step back in time to the Stone Age with our Barney Rubble costume guide from “The Flintstones.” Barney, Fred Flintstone’s best friend and neighbor, is known for his short stature, cheerful demeanor, and distinctive prehistoric attire. This guide will help you recreate Barney Rubble’s iconic look, answering your questions about embodying this beloved character for cosplay events, themed parties, or fan gatherings.

Barney Rubble's costume is simple yet iconic. It includes a brown or tan tunic with a jagged hem and sleeves to give it a rough, prehistoric look. Barney's outfit is typically sleeveless and extends to just above the knees. In some versions, he wears a brown belt or sash around his waist. Barney is also known for his large, flat feet, so oversized, barefoot-style shoe covers can enhance the costume.

Barney Rubble has a short, blond hairdo that's a bit messy, reflecting the Stone Age setting. You can achieve this look with a short, blond wig or by styling your hair in a similar fashion. Barney's facial features are simple and cartoonish, with a prominent brow and a friendly smile. Minimal makeup is needed, just enough to give you a cheerful, animated appearance.

Choose a sleeveless tunic in brown or tan, with jagged edges at the sleeves and hem to mimic the prehistoric look. If the tunic doesn't come with a belt or sash, you can add one made of a similar or slightly darker fabric. The belt can be simple and tied loosely around the waist.

Barney Rubble is often depicted as barefoot. To replicate this while protecting your feet, use oversized shoe covers designed to look like bare feet. These can be found at costume stores or made using foam and flesh-colored fabric. Ensure they're comfortable to walk in.

Adding Barney Rubble's quotes to your costume can bring his character to life. Here are some memorable lines: "Hey, Fred!," "Yabba-dabba-doo!," "That's a great idea, Fred!," "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" and "Gee, Fred, I don't know if that's such a good idea." These quotes capture Barney Rubble's enthusiastic and supportive nature as Fred Flintstone's best friend, making them great additions to a Barney Rubble cosplay or costume.

About Barney Rubble

Barney Rubble is a simple man with a simple life. Except when getting dragged into crazy schemes by his best friend Fred Flintstone. He is married to wife Betty, and after finding an abandoned infant on his doorstep, became the adoptive father to Bamm-Bamm Rubble. He was voiced by Mel Blanc through the most memorable period of the Flintstones, from 1960 through to 1989, however his voice and accent have been known to change from time to time.

Barney is generally happy with his life the way it is, but he often just goes along with Fred’s get-rich schemes simply because there was nothing much else to do and Fred was his friend. This of course leads to all sorts of prehistoric adventures for the caveman duo. In a 1994 movie he was played by Rick Moranis, and later in a 2000 film the role was played by Stephen Baldwin.

Barney Rubble

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