How to Dress like Barb Holland

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Curly Wavy Women's Party Wig
Lauren Jeans Co. Plaid Ruffled Shirt
Casio Women's Watch with White Band
Maybelline Brash Blue Color Tattoo
Crystal Brown Plastic Reading Glasses
High Waist Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans
Mead Trapper Keeper
Fake Freckles Makeup Video
Women's Softsole Suede Moccasin

Best Barb Holland Costume Guide

Look just like Barbara “Barb” Holland, the best friend of Nancy Wheeler played by Shannon Purser, in the Netflix TV series Stranger Things. When Barb vanishes similar to Will Byers, Nancy teams up with Jonathan Byers to help find her. Get Barb’s cosplay look with a Curly Wavy Women’s Party Wig, Lauren Jeans Co. Plaid Ruffled Shirt, High Waist Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans, Crystal Brown Plastic Reading Glasses, and Women’s Softsole Suede Moccasin. Get all of Barb’s accessories with a Casio Women’s Watch with White Band and a Mead Trapper Keeper. Follow the Fake Freckles Makeup Video and use some Maybelline Brash Blue Color Tattoo to match Barb’s makeup.

Barb Holland Cosplay Costumes

Do you want to make a statement as the quirky and lovable Barb Holland? Well, these are the items you’ll need to create a costume that’ll have everyone talking about you in a positive way, that is until you disappear into the woods later in the night with a few friends. While Barb isn’t in the show long, you can always cosplay here with her best friend Nancy by her side. If you’d like to get really unique, have a friend cosplay as one of the monsters that took her away. Barb is someone with a unique and rather vintage sense of style and if you want to replicate that, you’ll need a few key pieces such as straight leg boyfriend jeans, a plaid ruffled shirt, a white watch and suede moccasins with brown reading glasses. If you don’t have her appearance quite down pat, it may help to find a red wig and blue contacts. You can also find a few tutorials online to create a face full of cute freckles and soon you’ll be looking like Barb in no time at all with this costume!

Remember to look at a few of the photos on our site to get some inspiration and send us a few of your own! If you’re interested, don’t forget to send over a few photos especially if you did a group cosplay of Stranger Things so we can see how it turned out!

Barb Holland Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the spirit of Barb Holland, the iconic character from “Stranger Things,” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. This section will help you recreate Barb’s memorable and distinctive 1980s style, perfect for fans who admire her unique and relatable appearance in the series.

Barb Holland's style is quintessentially 1980s and somewhat nerdy-chic. Key components of her outfit include high-waisted mom jeans, a ruffled or frilly blouse (often in plaid or a pastel color), and a quilted, puffy vest in a contrasting color. To complete the look, add a pair of large, round eyeglasses and sensible, flat shoes.

Barb's hair is one of her most distinctive features. It's styled in a short, voluminous, curly bob with bangs. To achieve this look, you might need to use a curly wig in a ginger or auburn shade. Use mousse or curl-enhancing products to get the right volume and texture if you're styling your own hair.

Barb's accessories are subtle yet integral to her look. Large, round eyeglasses are a must. Additionally, Barb often wears simple, understated jewelry like small earrings and a thin necklace. If you want to add more detail, carry a school book or a retro camera to reflect her studious nature.

Barb's makeup is minimal and natural, reflecting the typical high school look of the 1980s. Focus on a light foundation, a touch of blush, and neutral eyeshadow. A soft pink or nude lipstick will complete the look, keeping it authentic and understated.

While Barb doesn't have many famous quotes, her character is known for her loyalty and concern for her friends. Showing a caring yet slightly cautious demeanor can enhance your portrayal. Expressing sentiments similar to Barb, like her protective attitude towards Nancy, will bring your costume to life.

About Barb Holland

Barb Holland is the best friend of Nancy Wheeler in the show, Stranger Things and even though she isn’t on screen for very long, she definitely makes an impression with the time she is on. She’s your stereotypical awkward character but she has something about her that has made her quite the fan favorite. She’s obviously the grounding force in her best friends life and she has a good head on her shoulders. She only shows up a handful of times in the first few episodes before she ends up disappearing though. The other characters don’t seem too worried with her disappearance, brushing it off as if she just ran away. The only one who seems to give any thought to where she might have gone is her best friend, Nancy. All in all, she’s a character that truly represents how many of us felt during our time in high school.

Barb Holland

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