How to Dress Like Bane

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Bane Costume Guide
Bane Gunmetal Mask Replica
Military Green Bane Leather Vest
Brown Leather Shearling Jacket
Bane Cosplay Tactical Pants
Graftobian Latex Bald Cap Kit
Bane Leather Wrist Brace
Men's Jungle Boot

Best Bane Halloween Costume Guide

Put on the mask and muscle to get the look of Bane, DC Comics’ archenemy of Batman played by Tom Hardy in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises. As Batman’s most physically and intellectually powerful foe, Bane is known for his mix of brute strength and extraordinary intelligence. Get a costume that will look good enough to break the Bat with Military Green Bane Leather Vest, Bane Cosplay Tactical Pants, Bane Leather Wrist Brace, Men’s Jungle Boots, and Brown Leather Shearling Jacket. Don’t face Batman before wearing a Bane Gunmetal Replica Mask and going bald with a Graftobian Latex Bald Cap Kit.

Bane Cosplay Costumes

Maybe you’re not into cosplaying Batman but what about one of his arch enemies such as Bane? To get his evil look, you’ll need a few key pieces such as his mask replica. What his outfit consists of is a leather green vest, a brown shearling jacket, tactical pants and jungle boots. Another thing that you will need to cosplay is a bald cap if you aren’t already bald as well with a leather wrist brace. Something you can do is get a friend to cosplay as Batman as perhaps stage a fight together. If you come up with anything creative or interesting, send us over a few photos that we can feature in our photos displayed down below! Don’t forget to look at those same photos if you need a little bit of inspiration in order to pull together an awesome costume!

About Bane

When Bane was born, his mother gave birth to him in a prison before she died and Bane was forced to serve his father’s sentence after his father ran away. Since he had to grow up in this prison as young child, he had to learn how to protect himself and he did things that would keep him safe. Bane also became the test subject for a drug called Venom which increased his strength tremendously. While he could have just relied on his physical strength alone, he chose to also build his mental strength which causes him to be on of the smarter Batman villains. Rumors had also circulated in the prison about a monster called Batman and because Bane had repeated dreams of a bat figure, he believed Batman was the figure in his nightmare and he made it his mission to defeat him.


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