How to Dress Like Balthazar Bratt

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Rock Star Wig
Walrus Mustache
Purple Suit Jacket
Turtleneck Pullover Top
Fingerless Gloves
Skinny Purple Pants
Wireless Keyboard
Men's Loafers

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Balthazar Bratt is the main criminal who appears in the Dreamworks comedy Despicable Me 3. Balthazar Bratt’s claim to fame is stealing the world’s biggest diamond. The former 80’s musical star is now just an egotistical supervillain. Bratt is extremely destructive and still seeks revenge on Hollywood for canceling the television show he starred in as a child. This hilarious villain is a flashback from the 80’s. Get the looks of the wannabe 80’s musician with this Balthazar Bratt costume guide.

To cosplay the Michael Jackson loving villain, start by wearing a Rock Star Wig to get your hairstyle like the rockstars of the 80s. Next, get a Walrus Mustache for your face. Then, a Purple Suit Jacket with a Turtleneck Pullover Top with Skinny Purple Pants. Finally, slip on a pair of Men’s Loafers and Fingerless Gloves. Oh, and don’t forget your Wireless Keyboard!

Balthazar Bratt Cosplay Costumes

Balthazar Bratt from the Dreamworks movie Despicable Me 3 is a combination of an 80’s rockstar and Michael Jackson inspired pop dancer. He’s cool, chill, and on top of the world! He’s also a merciless villain that will do anything to become the evilest person on the planet! That’s why dressing up as this egotistical villain is so fun! The question shouldn’t be why you would want to dress up like this 80’s rockstar wannabe villain? The question is why you wouldn’t.

And an even bigger question is why you would want to do this cosplay alone? Gather your friends together and create your very own cosplay of Despicable Me characters. Your friends can dress up as Lucy Wilde, Vector, Felonius Gru, Agnes Gru, Edith Gru, Margo Gru, and even the fun little minions themselves! Costume Wall is full of costume guides of fun characters for you to cosplay. And whatever you and your friends choose to dress up like, don’t forget to send us your pictures to be feature on the character cosplay gallery!

Balthazar Bratt Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the flamboyant world of the 1980s as Balthazar Bratt, the villainous yet charismatic character from “Despicable Me 3.” Our detailed costume guide FAQ is designed to help you recreate Bratt’s unique retro style, complete with his love for everything 80s. Get ready to answer the most common questions about putting together an authentic and fun portrayal of this memorable antagonist.

Balthazar Bratt's costume is a nostalgic nod to 1980s fashion. Essential elements include a purple jumpsuit with padded shoulders, black fingerless gloves, a white scarf, and a keytar (keyboard guitar). His look is completed with a mullet wig, a thin mustache, and oversized square glasses.

The jumpsuit should be a vivid purple, featuring shoulder pads to capture that classic 80s silhouette. It may have zippers or patterns that reflect the flamboyant style of the era. If a jumpsuit isn’t readily available, a purple top and matching pants can work as an alternative.

Black fingerless gloves and a white scarf are iconic to Bratt’s look. The keytar is a quintessential accessory for his character, symbolizing his obsession with 80s music and culture. For shoes, opt for white or black sneakers, typical of the era.

Bratt’s hairstyle is a defining feature. A mullet wig, with hair longer in the back and shorter at the front and sides, painted black, will capture his unique hairdo. Add a thin, pencil-style mustache to complete his facial appearance.

Adding Bratt's quotes can bring authenticity to your costume. Some memorable lines include: "I've been a bad boy!," "Dance fight!," "You've ruined everything!," "Gru, how could you let Balthazar Bratt just get away?" and "Welcome to the 80s!." These quotes capture Bratt’s over-the-top villainous nature, his obsession with the 1980s, and his quirky personality, making them perfect for anyone aiming to portray his character.

About Balthazar Bratt

When he was a young boy, Balthazar Bratt played an alternate version of his character in a TV show where he pretended to do evil things. He robbed banks, destroyed cities, and defeated armies. But a tragic thing happened, he reached puberty. Not a boy anymore, his show drastically dropped in ratings until the producers were forced to cancel it. Then, Balthazar began losing his mind. He lost his identity and starting thinking the TV show version of himself was real.

He chose the path of evil and committed so many crimes that 32 years later, Balthazar Bratt is on top of the anti-villain league of most wanted criminals. Balthazar Bratt in the movie Despicable Me 3 is a master manipulator. He is highly effective at taking on new disguises. He is also extremely egotastic and only cares about himself. He wants to accomplish all supervillains do—gain world domination. But before he does that, he wants to destroy Hollywood, for revenge!

Balthazar Bratt

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