How to Dress Like Baby Driver

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Awdis Varsity Jacket
Gildan Men's Heavy Cotton T-shirt
Apple Earphones
Special Effects Stage Makeup
Original Shrink-to-Fit Jeans
Polarized Sunglasses
Dress Round Shoelaces
Court Fashion Sneakers

Best Baby Driver Costume Guide

Baby, played by Ansel Elgort, is a getaway driver from Atlanta, Georgia from the 2017 action film, Baby Driver. As a child, Miles and his parents were in a car accident. He survived, but his parents were killed. After the accident, he developed tinnitus and now incessantly listens to music to block it out. He works as a getaway driver for a crew of bank robbers. Wanting to go legit, he gets talked into another job and pays the price. Get the look of Baby with this costume guide.

To dress up like Baby, wear a cool Gildan Men’s Heavy Cotton T-shirt and a pair of Original Shrink-to-Fit Jeans. For your jacket, wear an Awdis Varsity Jacket. But still, the outfit isn’t really complete. What’s missing is a pair of Court Fashion Sneakers with Dress Round Shoelaces. Finally, accessorize with Polarized Sunglasses the iconic, white Apple Earphones. Still feeling something is not right? Put on some Special Effects Stage Makeup for the ultimate cosplay look!

Baby Driver Cosplay Costumes

A life of crime isn’t easy, except if you’re a guy that goes by the name of Baby. For Baby, cruising through town with criminals getting away from cops comes naturally. He’s one of the best getaway drivers around especially if you’re a criminal mastermind. Dressing up as Baby, from the movie Baby Driver, is an interesting character choice.

But why cosplay him alone? Bring your friends in on the fun as well. Ask them to dress up as their own favorite movie characters. You have limitless possibilities. Need another car driver to cosplay, but something a bit different? Your friends can dress up as Mad Max, Driver, or Doc Brown. So whether if it’s Baby himself, or if you’re looking for cosplay ideas for your friends, be sure to explore Costume Wall to find the perfect cosplay guide. And when you’re ready in your costumes, send us your picture so we can feature it here and admire it!

Baby Driver Costume Tips & FAQs

Rev up your style with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ for Baby, the iconic character from the film “Baby Driver.” Known for his sharp driving skills and distinctive look, this guide will assist you in perfectly capturing Baby’s cool and effortless style, making your cosplay a hit among fans and fellow enthusiasts.

Baby, portrayed by Ansel Elgort, has a signature look that's both stylish and functional for his high-speed pursuits. Key components of his outfit include a plain white t-shirt, a varsity-style jacket with raglan sleeves (preferably in black and white), slim-fit jeans, and classic black sunglasses. Baby is also known for wearing earbuds consistently, a nod to his love of music and his tinnitus.

Baby's sunglasses are a vital part of his look. Opt for a classic, retro-style pair with a black frame and dark lenses. The design should be simple and timeless, avoiding any flashy or overly modern styles to stay true to the character's understated coolness.

Look for a varsity or bomber-style jacket that's predominantly black with white sleeves. The jacket should have a slightly fitted but comfortable cut, allowing for ease of movement. If possible, find one with a stand-up collar and white stripe details on the collar, cuffs, and waistband.

Baby wears practical yet stylish footwear, suitable for driving. Opt for a pair of classic, clean sneakers in a black or dark color. They should be low-top and not overly sporty - think more along the lines of casual, everyday shoes that complement the rest of the outfit.

Baby is a man of few words, often communicating through his actions and expressions. However, some notable quotes include: "I'm the designated driver.," "One more job and I'm done."and "I don't carry a weapon... I drive." Incorporating Baby's habit of constantly listening to music and his exceptional driving (or mimicking driving skills) into your cosplay can also add an authentic touch.

About Baby Driver

Baby, portrayed by Ansel Elgort, made a big mistake. He stole a car which belonged to Doc, a mastermind criminal planner. And because of that mistake, he now by default works for Doc. Playing a big part in his heists as a getaway driver, Baby excels at this job. He can perform amazing feats as a driver to get out of close encounters with apparent ease.

When he was young, Baby was involved in a tragic car accident which took the life of his parents and left him with a curious case of tinnitus. Because of this, he constantly hears a high pitched noise which he blocks with earphones. On his iPod, Baby has remixes of everyday conversations that have been recorded and remixed using vintage music equipment. He wants to go legit and stop getaway driving and fall in love with a girl named Deborah, but his last job is his undoing.

Baby Driver

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