How to Dress Like Ayano Aishi

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Ayano Aishi Costume Guide
Sailor Suit Uniform
Toy Knife
Black Tights
Cosplay Wig
Black Flat Shoes

Best Ayano Aishi Costume Guide

Ayano Aishi is the main character in the stealth-action video game known as Yandere Simulator. Ayano is also known as “Yandere-chan,” and often gets the nickname of “Yan-chan.” She is shown to be drifting through life with no purpose, as she suffers from a supposedly incurable condition which doesn’t allow her to experience love, happiness or even feel emotions in the same way others do. Get the look of the “Yan-chan” with this Ayano Aishi costume guide.

This empty, hollow girl comes into physical contact with a boy known as Senpai, and she is instantly overcome with a wave of emotions. When she is near Senpai, she can feel in a way she has never known. This causes her to become addicted to Senpai, wanting him all for herself. If you want to cosplay this lovesick teenager, you’ll need to dress up in a Sailor Suit Uniform, Cosplay Wig, Black Tights, Black Flat Shoes, and a Toy Knife.


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