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Axel Stone Costume Guide
Half Finger Boxing Gloves
White Muscle Shirt
Gold Blonde Hair
Blue Jeans
Brown Belt
Blue Headband
White and Red High Top Shoes

Best Axel Stone Halloween Costume Guide

When it’s time to take action into your own hands, Axel Stone is the go-to character of the Streets of Rage gaming series by Sega! He is often considered the main character of the game because even though he has basic moves, they are classic and easy to control. Axel is considered the most “well-rounded” character in the game. At one time Axel was a police officer, but he has since decided to hunt down bad guys on his own, and that’s exactly what he’s been doing. Get the look of the 90’s video game powerhouse fighter with this Axel Stone costume guide.

Cosplays Axel’s street style and turn it into a costume with a White Muscle Shirt, Blue Jeans with a Brown Belt, and a Golden Blonde Wig with a Blue Headband added to it. Lace up a pair of White and Red High Top Shoes and slip on pair of Half Finger Boxing Gloves to throw punches that only Axel Stone can pull off!

Axel Stone Cosplay Costumes

We like Axel’s look for a Halloween or cosplay costume because it’s a really easy costume to put together! You can have this look put together quicker than Axel could throw a punch. Well, maybe not quite. Get the look started with a white muscle shirt, blue jeans, and a brown belt out of your own closet to save some cash. Head over to your favorite costume shop to grab the blonde wig and blue headband to get Axel’s signature look. Lastly, find Axel’s boxing gloves and a pair of 90’s high top shoes before you’re ready to fight!

Add a little bit more fun to your look by grabbing a few of your friends to dress as Blaze Fielding, Adam Hunter, or any of the other Streets of Rage fighters! Why go off throwing knock-out punches by yourself when you could have other characters from the game join you for group cosplay!

About Axel Stone

Axel is the 22-year-old fighter from the Streets of Rage 90’s video gaming series and is known as the main character along with Blaze Fielding and Adam Hunter. Axel started out as a police officer but decided to go out on his own and deal with bad guys in his own way. The one force of crime that put up a fight against Axel was the syndicate leader, Mr. X.

Axel, Blaze, and Adam all aided each other in defeating Mr. X in the first game, but he came back in the sequel to seek revenge on the trio! Mr. X kidnapped Adam knowing that Axel and Blaze would rush to save their friend. This time they added additional friends to help save Adam, and once again Mr. X didn’t stand a chance against the Streets of Rage fighters! Axel has given a go at running a martial arts studio as well as being a bodyguard, but there’s nothing he does better than clearing the streets of criminals!

Axel Stone

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