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Austin Powers is a British spy agent that appeared in the 1997 movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Austin Powers graduated from the British Intelligence Academy as the International Mystery Man. At the height of the 60’s, he became an International Super Spy and got particularly famous for his skills in bed. Austin Powers, portrayed by Mike Meyers, is meant to be a hilarious parody inspired by the spy films like James Bond. Get the look of this British Mystery Man with this Austin Powers costume guide.

Cosplay Austin Powers by first wearing a Nerd Wig, Black Framed Glasses, Fake Teeth, and a Hairy Chest Piece. Then comes the main part, put on the Austin Powers Costume, Male Gender Pendant, and a pair of Black Leather Boot. Finally, don’t forget to the most important thing for spies: a Plastic Martini Glass and an Airsoft gun!

Austin Powers Cosplay Costumes

Austin Powers is a confident, yet outdated British spy. He is not attractive, especially his teeth, but female characters in the movies seem to find him irresistible. To look the part of this swinger, you’ll need to wear eccentric clothes and carry a charming (and attractive) personality. If you’re confused about the direction of the character, just take the opposite of approach of James Bond!

Despite being such an amazing spy, Austin Powers can use a little help from time to time. So it’s time to gather your friends and ask them to dress up as Dr. Evil, Vanessa Kensington, Basil Exposition, or Number 2. Moreover, you and your friends can dress up as other spy characters from other movies as well. A tag team cosplay of James Bond and Austin Powers would be a sight to behold! Check out Costume Wall’s other cosplay guides if you want some additional inspiration.

Austin Powers Costume Tips & FAQs

Groove into the flamboyant and humorous world of Austin Powers, the iconic character from “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” with our dynamic costume guide FAQ. This section is tailored to help fans capture the essence of the cheeky 1960s spy. Known for his colorful and extravagant fashion sense, toothy grin, and unforgettable catchphrases, our guide covers the essential elements of Austin’s style, ensuring you can perfectly embody this groovy secret agent.

Austin Powers' costume is defined by its 1960s flair and vibrant colors. Essential items include a velvet suit (often in bright blue or another loud color) with frilly cuffs and a cravat, a ruffled white shirt, and matching pants. Complete the look with a pair of black Chelsea boots, a thick and chunky male symbol necklace, and his signature round, wire-frame glasses.

Austin's hair is a mop-top style, reminiscent of the 1960s, typically in a chestnut or dark brown color. You can achieve this look with a wig or by styling your own hair with plenty of volumes. His facial hair is a well-groomed, medium-length mod-style beard. Use a beard wig or apply makeup to replicate this look if you don't have natural facial hair.

Search for a velvet or velour suit in a bright, eye-catching color like blue, red, or purple. The suit should have a slightly retro cut, with narrow lapels and a slightly flared trouser. Frilly cuffs and a lace cravat add to the authentic 60s look.

Accessories are key to nailing the Austin Powers look. Don't forget his chunky male symbol necklace and round, wire-frame glasses. Additionally, a fake British spy badge or a toy 'shaguar' key can be fun, thematic props.

Austin Powers is known for his humorous and often cheeky one-liners. Incorporating some of these into your cosplay can bring the character to life: "Yeah, baby, yeah!," "Groovy, baby!," "Oh, behave!," "I've lost my mojo!" and "Danger's my middle name." These quotes capture Austin Powers' playful and over-the-top personality, making your portrayal more lively and authentic.

About Austin Powers

Austin Powers is a world-class, international British spy that appears in comedy movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Highly notorious and the ultimate playboy, he battles against Dr. Evil to save the world. When Dr. Evil launched himself into space in a cryogenic chamber, Austin Powers knew he must do the same. He stayed frozen until the 90s.

But when unfrozen, he learned that he had trouble adapting to the current generation. He couldn’t get women to be attracted to him or be as good of a spy. Austin Powers finally became better at fitting in after defeating Doctor Evil and marrying Vanessa Kensington. Austin Powers, portrayed by Mike Meyers, appears in three films and his character has become a pop-culture icon. He was largely inspired as a parody of James Bond.

Austin Powers

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