How to Dress Like Ashley Spinelli

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Orange Ribbed Style Hair Ties
Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie
Military Anorak Hoodie Jacket
Seamed Stretch Sheath Dress
Big Girls' Stripe Tights
Rivets Harness Boot

Best Ashley Spinelli Costume Guide

Simply referred to as “Spinelli,” Ashley Spinelli, voiced by Pamela Adlon, is the tough member of the gang in Disney’s animated series Recess. The gruff and feisty tomboy get’s angry quite easily, but there’s no need to with this fun look.

You can get the same outfit with a Seamed Stretch Sheath Dress, Military Anorak Hoodie Jacket, Big Girls’ Stripe Tights, and Rivets Harness Boots. Complete Spinelli’s look with Orange Ribbed Style Hair Ties and a Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie.

Ashley Spinelli Cosplay Costumes

Another strong female character, Ashley Funicelle Spinelli or plain Spinelli to her friends, is an excellent choice for cosplay. With a decided tomboy attitude, her look is more feminine than you might first expect. Seemingly patterned after a Halloween theme, Spinelli’s style consists of 2 colors, orange and black. Easy enough right?! Pairing an orange slouchy hat with hair ties of the same color for her trademark pigtails brings you to the half way mark of completing this look.

Any type of black jacket over an orange dress would do, though if you happen to have one of leather, it will perfect the look. Striped orange and black stocking worn with chunky black boots will have you looking like Spinelli in no time! If you want to bring The Gang together, try adding characters like T.J., Gus, Gretchen or Mikey. Put together four girls to represent the dreaded Ashleys to add some flavor to your cosplay. Stop by our featured pics for more ideas on how to pull off the perfect Spinelli. Send in your pics, so we can see what you’ve come up with!

Ashley Spinelli Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of playground politics and childhood adventures with our Ashley Spinelli costume guide FAQ, inspired by the beloved character from “Recess.” Perfect for fans looking to embody Spinelli’s feisty and independent spirit, this guide will help you recreate her iconic look, reflecting her role as the tomboyish member of the main group.

Ashley Spinelli's outfit is signature to her tough and no-nonsense personality. The key components include a red dress with short sleeves and a pleated skirt, which she wears over a pair of gray or black leggings or tights. Spinelli is often seen wearing an orange beanie hat and a pair of black boots. Her hair is styled in two pigtails that stick out from under her hat. To complete the look, she wears black gloves with the fingers cut off.

Spinelli's hairstyle is simple but distinctive. She has two pigtails that protrude from the sides of her head. If your hair isn't already similar, consider using a wig that can be styled into pigtails. The orange beanie hat is a key part of her look. You can easily find a similar beanie or make one using orange fabric.

Spinelli wears black, lace-up boots that reflect her tough-girl image. Choose a pair of comfortable, black combat or work boots. The boots should be practical and sturdy, fitting Spinelli's active and energetic nature.

The most notable accessory for a Spinelli costume is her black gloves with the fingers cut off. These can be easily made from a pair of regular black gloves. Additionally, you might include a small, sturdy backpack, which is typical for a school kid like Spinelli.

To fully capture Spinelli's character, focus on her confident and tough demeanor. She often has a no-nonsense attitude and isn't afraid to stand up for herself and her friends. Adopting a feisty and spirited posture will enhance the authenticity of your costume.

Including some of Spinelli's quotes can make your costume portrayal more authentic: "Nobody messes with the Ashley’s!," "This is a job for the diggers!," "Let's teach these guys a lesson.," "You're going down, Lawson!" and "I'm not one of those sissy girls!." These quotes capture Spinelli's boldness, her loyalty to her friends, and her distinctive position within the group.

About Ashley Spinelli

Known as the toughest kid in the neighborhood, Ashley Spinelli, or just Spinelli to her friends is a force to be reckoned with. She is small in stature and officially the second shortest member of her group. A huge fan of wrestling, Spinelli uses violence and threats as a means of communication. Born a beautiful girl, she works to keep up with the latest trends, but you would never catch her hanging out with other girls outside her gang, especially the Ashleys.

Spinelli prefers not to bring up her parents as they are a constant embarrassment to her, showing off her baby pictures and sharing equally embarrassing stories of her childhood to anyone that will listen. Rumored to have a crush on T.J. Detweiler, you would never know it based on how she treats him. But when the chips are down and her friends need defending, Spinelli never backs down from a challenge. By far the most antagonistic and aggressive member of their group, Spinelli is not just another pretty face!

Ashley Spinelli

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