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Best Ashley O Costume Guide

Ashley O, real name Ashley Ortiz, is a character from series five of Netflix show Black Mirror. Portrayed by actress and musician Miley Cyrus, Ashley O mirrors a similar character to her real-life actress Miley. The protagonist of the episode named “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” Ashley is a Grammy-award winning American pop singer with worldwide popularity and acclaim. The episode follows her successful career as a pop star and her growing disillusionment from the brand and personality she was forced to portray for the public. She is bold, strong-willed, and kind.

Get the look of the rebel popstar with this Ashley O costume guide. You can look like her by starting with a crop top bra, shiny leather shorts, a leather skirt, and thigh-high boots. Most important to the look is her iconic purple wig, so don’t forget that.

Ashley O Cosplay Costumes

Whether it’s at a Netflix or Black Mirror-themed party or a normal Halloween shindig, you’re sure to get recognized as Ashley O. She’s a fun character to dress up as because her look is loud, eccentric, and playful – a mix of young and adult. Besides, just like you, Ashley O also has blonde/brown hair that she covers up with a purple wig. You can start with that. The purple wig is most essential. Then you dress like a typical pop star performing at her concert. Start with a crop top bra and match it with shiny leather shorts and a leather skirt. Finish off the look with thigh-high ankle boots, because you can.

Make sure to have your entourage and fans with you! Rock up to the party with friends dressed as Rachel, Jack, and maybe even Aunt Catherine and Dr. Munk.

Ashley O Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the captivating and vibrant world of Ashley O, the fictional pop star from the “Black Mirror” episode “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.” Our Ashley O costume guide FAQ is designed to help fans recreate her striking and colorful look. Get ready to embody the spirit of this iconic character as we answer your most pressing questions about crafting a perfect Ashley O ensemble.

Ashley O's iconic look features a short, lilac-colored wig, a futuristic, metallic mini dress or a two-piece set with a crop top and shorts, and knee-high metallic boots. Her style is both edgy and pop star glamorous, often accessorized with metallic or glittery makeup and a choker necklace.

To achieve Ashley O's hairstyle, opt for a short, lilac wig with a sleek, straight cut. For makeup, focus on metallic and glittery eyeshadows, bold eyeliner, and a vibrant pink or purple lipstick to match her pop star persona. Don't forget to add a touch of highlighter for that celebrity sparkle.

Look for a metallic or shiny mini dress, preferably in silver or a pastel color. Alternatively, you can wear a metallic crop top paired with shorts or a mini skirt. The key is to choose pieces that are futuristic and glamorous, in line with Ashley O's pop star image.

Knee-high metallic boots, either in silver or a color that matches the outfit, are ideal for an Ashley O costume. These boots should have a sleek, modern look to complement the futuristic vibe of her attire.

Incorporating Ashley O's quotes or lyrics can add depth and authenticity to your cosplay. Here are some memorable lines: "Hey, I'm a hoe, I'm on a roll, riding so high, achieving my goals.," "It's so exciting, I'm so excited!," "I'm stoked on ambition and verve, I'm gonna get what I deserve.," "I'm not a toy. I'm not just a thing you can use." and "I'm tired of being what you want me to be." These lines, especially from her hit song "On a Roll," capture the essence of Ashley O's character: a mix of pop star glamor, personal ambition, and a struggle for authenticity in the face of fame.

About Ashley O

Ashley O grew up in the spotlight and while she loves performing, her disillusionment from her career and her need to be her own person takes priority on this episode of Black Mirror. She is seen increasingly struggling to come to terms with her brand of wholesome, overly sentimental music and is wanting more and more to branch out into genres of music she better connects to. However, these efforts are foiled by her own aunt Catherine who nurtured her since she became orphaned by her parents’ deaths when she was a young child. Because she is legally locked to a contract until the age of 25, she was forcibly medicated to make her more agreeable and less combatant about her music and her life. This forced medication was supervised by her aunt Catherine and administered by her aunt’s associate Dr. Munk.

Ashley O

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