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Ashe is a hero of the popular team-based multiplayer video game, Overwatch. She is known to be a rebellious and fearless gunslinger who’s willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Ashe is also the leader of the Deadlock Gang, a notorious group of talented outlaws who were able to traffic high-grade military weapons and hardware throughout the southwest United States. Ashe is also known for quickly firing her rifle from the hip and using her weapon’s sight to line up a high damage shot. She is known for throwing dynamite to blast enemies.

Get the look of the gun-toting anti-heroine with this Ashe costume guide. You can easily hit a bull’s eye with this costume if you dress up like Ashe. Get her to look by dressing up in Ashe forearm tattoos, her signature Ashe stud earrings, high heel boots, and a silver wig.




Ashe Cosplay Costumes

Having had successful and wealthy parents, Ashe grew up with tremendous privilege. Like most career-driven parents, they invested barely any time or attention into their daughter. Despite her parents paving the way for more socially-acceptable success, her chance meeting with a local deviant named Jesse McCree revealed to Ashe her true calling. An impromptu string of crimes they committed together and the satisfaction she gained from outwitting their targets permanently set her on the path of being an outlaw.

Along with the other founders of the Deadlock Gang, Ashe started to make a name for herself with bigger and more sophisticated heists. Form your own Overwatch gang and have a costume game night. While you put on your Ashe costume, your gamer friends can dress up as Tracer, McCree, Brigitte Lindholm, Genji Shimada, Honeydew Mei, and Grillmaster Soldier:76.

About Ashe

After a few bloody and violent clashes while completing the heists, Ashe ascended as a leader by calling the heads of other groups together in an attempt to find a solution. She saw potential by growing her own group but also influencing others’ as well. Growing up with her parents’ business to look to as a pattern, Ashe eventually used what she had learned from her parents over the years. This prior context allowed her to bring order to other competing groups. She proposed that the gangs could work together, and if not—at least not fight amongst each other. Her established principles include care in working outside the bounds of the law, respecting each other’s territory, and always punishing betrayal.

This improved harmony between groups allowed her to focus her attention and energy on bigger things. Now, she is making a name for herself across the southwest of the United States by enacting a string of crazy heists. Due to these heists, she is at the very top of authorities’ most-wanted lists, cementing her legacy as an outlaw legend.


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