How to Dress Like Artie Abrams

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Blue Ocean Cable Sweater Vest
Men's Short-Sleeve Shirt
Black Rectangle Plastic Glasses
LiquiCell Wheelchair Gloves
Relaxed-Fit Jean
Folding Wheelchair

Best Artie Abrams Costume Guide

Artie, played by Kevin McHale, got into a car accident with his mother when he was eight years old which resulted in him being in a wheelchair. Although he is in a wheelchair, Artie refuses to let that get in the way of his ambitions and joins the McKinley High School Glee Club, New Directions in the show Glee. Dress Like Artie with your Blue Ocean Cable Sweater Vest, Men’s Short-Sleeve Shirt, Black Rectangle Plastic Glasses, and Relaxed-Fit Jean. You won’t be able to get to far without your Folding Wheelchair and LiquiCell Wheelchair Gloves.

Artie Abrams Cosplay Costumes

Do you have the determination and optimism to pull off the character of Artie Abrams? Artie had an incident as a child that caused him to end up paralyzed and in a wheelchair. While many may be down about that, Artie didn’t let it get to him and he instead followed his dreams and joined the Glee Club. If you’re interested in doing a group cosplay as Artie, you can most likely convince friends to go as other Glee members. If you do, we’d love to see what you come up with so feel free to send over some photos!

To get Artie’s look you’ll need a white and blue cable knit sweater vest, a white short sleeve shirt to wear underneath, black plastic rectangle glasses, wheelchair gloves, relaxed-fit jeans and finally a folding wheelchair to capture Artie’s full character.

Artie Abrams Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the spirited and heartwarming world of Artie Abrams from “Glee” with our engaging costume guide FAQ. Known for his distinct style and the unique charm he brings to the glee club, this guide is crafted to help you capture Artie’s memorable look. Ideal for fans aiming to portray his character at themed events, cosplay gatherings, or musical celebrations, our guide will walk you through the essentials of embodying Artie’s character, right down to his signature glasses and wheelchair.

Artie Abrams' style is a blend of preppy and casual, reflecting his artistic and youthful personality. Key elements include layered clothing like a button-down shirt under a sweater or vest, skinny ties, slim-fit jeans, and sneakers. Artie is often seen wearing his signature glasses, and his wheelchair is an integral part of his character. Choose bright, cheerful colors and patterns to capture Artie's optimistic outlook.

Artie is known for his sweater vests, which are often patterned or brightly colored. To replicate this look, choose a sweater vest with a bold print or in a vivid color, and layer it over a crisp, collared button-down shirt. The shirt can be solid-colored or feature a subtle pattern.

Artie wears rounded, slightly thick-rimmed glasses. Opt for a pair that has a vintage or retro feel, in black or a dark color. If you don't require prescription glasses, you can find non-prescription or clear-lensed glasses that match this style.

Artie typically wears slim-fit jeans, which are both stylish and practical. They should be well-fitted but comfortable. For shoes, go for classic sneakers, like Converse or Vans, in a color that complements the rest of your outfit. Artie's style is all about comfort with a touch of preppy flair.

Artie Abrams, with his optimistic and sometimes sarcastic wit, has several memorable lines such as: "Just because I can't walk doesn't mean I can't stand up for myself.," "I'm kind of getting tired of being everybody's go-to guy for stirring pep talks.," "I realized that I was in love with you, 'cause I wanted to help you with things. Like, I wanted to brush your teeth.," "It's not about doing your best anymore; it's about doing better." and "When you're different, when you're special, sometimes you have to get used to being alone." These quotes reflect Artie's resilience, his humor, and his journey of self-discovery and acceptance throughout the series. Incorporating them into your cosplay can make your portrayal more authentic and relatable to fellow fans of "Glee."

About Artie Abrams

When Artie was only eight years old, he and his mother ended up getting into a car accident which caused Artie to become wheelchair bound. While others may let that get in the way of their dreams, Artie decided to not let it. Artie has desired to become a dancer despite being paraplegic and he hopes that one day he can find a cure for his disability.

Artie was in a relationship with Kitty for quite some time but ended up breaking up after Artie moved to New York to attend the Brooklyn Film Academy. He eventually returns to his old high school for some time to help Kurt and Blaire find new Glee members and become the wedding planner for Brittany and Santana.

Five years later, Artie graduates and becomes a film director. He’s also present with the re-dedication of the Auditorium and he performs I Lived with the former members of the Glee club.

Artie Abrams

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