How to Dress Like Art3mis (Ready Player One)

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Art3mis Costume Guide
Pink Maxi Dress
Red Straight Hair Wig
Black Jeans
Black Choker
Art3mis Tank Top
Punk Rock Belt
Black Boots
Red Leather Jacket

Best Art3mis Halloween Costume Guide

Art3mis is a famous Egg Hunter, otherwise known as “Gunter,” in the 2018 film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s book, Ready Player One. Named after Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, Art3mis is known to dominate the hunt for Halliday’s egg in the virtual game world called OASIS. She is fiercely independent, almost to a fault. She closes off and prevents herself from forming any real or deep connections in OASIS. This is because she’s there determined to get the grand prize and prevent the competing game company IOI from getting it. Despite her the walls she puts up, Art3mis meets Parzival in OASIS. He impresses her with his deep knowledge and passion for the game. Get the look of the spunky Gunter with this Art3mis costume guide.

Cosplay Art3mis’ fierce playful look by wearing a Red Straight Hair Wig, Red Leather Jacket, Art3mis Tank Top, Punk Rock Belt, Black Jeans, Black Boots, and Black Choker. Or you could opt for her alternate look in the film by wearing a Pink Maxi Dress.

Art3mis Cosplay Costumes

Insecure of her facial birthmark in real life, Samantha Cook has created a fierce and spunky avatar in the virtual world that matches her personality named Art3mis. Individualistic and bold, Art3mis prefers to work alone for lack of trust in other Gunters and to protect her freedom. However, Parzival, the avatar of  Wade Watts, was able to prove himself a worthy companion and a trustworthy ally to Art3mis in their journey in OASIS to find Halliday’s egg. Cosplay the wild Art3mis look from the 2018 movie Ready Player One with a red straight hair wig, a red leather jacket, an Art3mis tank top, a punk rock belt, black jeans, black boots, and a black choker. Change into her evening look with a pink maxi dress.

Don’t navigate through OASIS alone! Team up with a friend that can cosplay Parzival. You can also accompany a couple to cosplay your characters’ real-life counterparts Samantha Cook and Wade Watts.

About Art3mis

Art3mis is a character that carries her past tragedies with her in the present. For a large part of the book and film, Ready Player One, these tragedies are what drive her to be so determined to get Halliday’s egg and save OASIS from it’s competing game company, IOI. Independent and headstrong, she is the perfect complement for Parzival, played by Wade Watts, who is more trusting and emotion-driven. Each of their character’s personality traits complements one another. This develops into a genuine love for the world that Halliday created and makes them a great team for winning the game together.

Art3mis, together with Parzival and other friends from OASIS namely Aech, Daito, and Zhou form the High Five—the first five individual Gunters to get the copper key and advance to the next level of the hunt. In the 2018 Steven Spielberg directed film adaptation, Art3mis is played by English actress Olivia Cooke.


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