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Red Arrow Jacket
Full-Zip Hoodie
Wolf Fang Pendant Necklace
Levi Men's Relaxed Jean
Black Leather Side Laces Pant
Red Arrow Mask
Vans Skate Shoes
Side Zip Tact Boot
Leather Gloves
Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

Best Arsenal (Roy Harper) Costume Guide

Arsenal, also known as Roy Harper and Red Arrow, appears on the hit CW television show Arrow and is the right-hand man of none other than The Green Arrow himself. Arsenal started out with a rough life and was misunderstood, but his desire for justice outweighs his bad habits. Arsenal has a very tactical look about his outfit because he needs to be prepared for a fight and to be able to use his bow and arrow in the blink of an eye.

Get Arsenal’s outfit quicker than he can shoot an arrow by following the costume guide we’ve put together for you. The costume pieces look like they came straight out of the show. Start with a Red Arrow Jacket, black leather pants with laces, leather gloves, a red arrow mask, tactical boots, and the Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow to achieve the cosplay look of Arsenal.

Arsenal (Roy Harper) Cosplay Costumes

Green Arrow can’t accomplish justice all on his own, and that’s where the CW brought the comic book character Arsenal into the mix. Arsenal, or Red Arrow, has been in the comic book world since the 1940s. He started out being raised by a medicine man but later moved on to being Green Arrow’s sidekick. Dressing as this DC comic book character has quite a few different ideas that you could portray.

For cosplay, Arsenal is an excellent choice and easy to accomplish now with the items we have found for you. You have the option of showing up to a cosplay event as the single character Arsenal from the show, or you can grab a friend or two and go as a group of characters from the crazy popular television show Arrow. Adding a hood to your outfit is definitely a plus because Arsenal is known for including this piece into his street style.

Arsenal (Roy Harper) Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of vigilante justice with our Arsenal (Roy Harper) costume guide from the TV series “Arrow.” This FAQ section is designed to help you accurately recreate Arsenal’s iconic look, characterized by its tactical and sleek design. Embodying Roy Harper’s transformation into a formidable fighter, our guide focuses on the details that make Arsenal’s outfit stand out, from the signature red hood to the intricate leather armor.

Arsenal's costume in "Arrow" is a striking blend of functionality and style. Key elements include a red leather jacket with a hood, armored with pads and detailed stitching, a black under suit or compression shirt, dark pants with tactical elements, and sturdy black boots. The outfit is completed with a red mask covering the eyes and a quiver to hold arrows.

For Arsenal's jacket, look for a red leather (or faux leather) motorcycle or tactical jacket with a hood. It should have visible padding or quilted sections for an armored appearance. You can add extra details with fabric paint or sewn-on pieces to mimic the costume's texture and patterns seen in the show.

Arsenal's pants should be dark, ideally black, with a tactical or cargo style. They should have multiple pockets and possibly knee pads for added detail. Pair these with black tactical boots, which are both practical for the character's active role and add to the overall combat-ready look.

Essential accessories for Arsenal include a red eye mask, a bow, and a quiver with arrows. The mask should be sleek and conform to the face, while the bow and quiver can be replicated with costume props or crafted from materials like foam for a lightweight and safe option.

To add authenticity to your Arsenal cosplay, consider using some of Roy Harper's memorable lines from "Arrow," such as: "I'm not exactly the 'trust me' kind of guy.," "I have a chance to be a hero. For real. And I'm taking it.," "You can't save a city with forgiveness.," "Sometimes the most important fight is the fight within." and "Being a hero isn't about letting others know you did something good, it's about you knowing you did something good." These quotes reflect Roy Harper's complex journey, his struggles, and his determination to make a difference as Arsenal.

About Arsenal (Roy Harper)

Roy Harper, better known as Arsenal, is the trusty sidekick of the Green Arrow. Arsenal is beyond talented with a bow and arrow and has mastered the art of archery. During an archery competition that Arsenal was competing in, Green Arrow took notice of the young boy and decided to take him under his wing and bring him along for the ride of justice. Arsenal turned out to be even faster than Green Arrow, but there were some things that he learned from Green Arrow that made him stronger in his archery and life as a superhero.

Later in life, Arsenal was part of the Seven Soldiers of Victory who were rescued by the Justice League, but he is known for being a Government Agent. On the hit TV show Arrow, Arsenal is a purse-snatcher who later redeems himself and becomes a part of the good guys club. Arsenal’s super-strength comes when exposed to the Mirakuru drug serum but unfortunately, comes with dreadful side effects.

Arsenal (Roy Harper)

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