How to Dress Like Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande Costume Guide
Masquerade Rabbit Mask
Long Brown/Blonde Wig
Vintage Crystal Flower Necklace
Black Halter Mini Dress
Black Leather Leggings
Black Thigh High Boot
Black Toy Microphone
Long Black Gloves

Best Ariana Grande Costume Guide

Ariana Grande has been singing ever since she found her voice on the Broadway musical 13. This appearance along with her role playing Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon propelled her acting and singing career. Her voice, often compared to Mariah Carey, hit instant success after debuting her first single a top the Billboard top 100. She is already one of the most award-winning artists at a very young age and it doesn’t seem like she’s not stopping anytime soon. Get Ariana Grande’s look from her Dangerous Woman Tour with this costume guide.

Cosplay Ariana’s look with a Masquerade Rabbit Mask, a Long Brown/Blonde Wig, Black Halter Mini Dress, Black Leather Leggings, Long Black Gloves, Black Thigh High Boots, Vintage Crystal Flower Necklace, and a Black Toy Microphone. This isn’t her everyday outfit, but it’s probably one of Ariana Grande’s most recognizable outfits!

Ariana Grande Cosplay Costumes

It’s time to channel your inner superstar! Put this costume together so you can go to the next cosplay convention dressed as Ariana Grande. She’s the pop star everyone wouldn’t mind being! For this look, Ariana has a popular style that’s easily recognizable. It’s kind of a sexy bunny style, so it’s fun no matter what!

To recreate this look, start with a long brown wig because Ariana is known for her beautiful hair. Next, grab a black masquerade rabbit mask to put over your head. For the dress, you will want a black halter mini-dress with black leather leggings to match. Now, kick on a pair of black thigh-high boots. Then, long black gloves on your hands. For the finishing touches grab a vintage crystal flower necklace and a black toy microphone so, you can sing the night away! Now that you look just like Ariana, submit a picture of your outfit for us to post. If you need more pointers, you can check out the other pop culture costume guides!

About Ariana Grande

You probably recognize Ariana Grande from her musical career that is booming right now! She is super talented and has a look about her that no one else has, just like her incredible voice. Ariana didn’t get her start writing songs or recording popular albums, she began her career on stage in a Broadway musical entitled, 13. With a few more on stage performances, her career went to the next level with the hit Nickelodeon show Victorious.

Fans of the show fell hard for Ariana, and after a few seasons of the show, Ariana realized that her true passion is making music. She has quickly become one of the most popular artists of this generation. After releasing just a few albums, Ariana has proved how talented she really is. She started young but she seems to be nowhere near finished with her career in entertainment.

Ariana Grande

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