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Anton Chigurh is the main character in the movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel, No Country for Old Men. In the 2007 film, which received many critical acclaims, Anton Chigurh was portrayed by actor Javier Bardem. Bardem earned an Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA awards for his portrayal of Anton in the film. But, Anton Chigurh, as a character, is considered to be one of the greatest fictional villains in film history. Empire Magazine even listed him as one of the 100 greatest movie characters of all time. In the novel and film, Anton is a hitman who is known to be without conscience, remorse, or compassion.

Get the look of the unfeeling killer with this Anton Chigurh costume guide so you can kill this look in no time. Begin the look with a brown shirt paired with black pants and a brown belt. Wear a black jacket and brown cowboy boots to complete the entire look. Don’t forget the bullwhip.

Anton Chigurh Cosplay Costumes

Carson Wells, an important character seen in No Country for Old Men, describes Anton Chigurh as a psychopathic killer in his 30s having a dark complexion and eyes “as blue as lapis… like wet stones.” A memorable trait about Anton in both the novel and film is that he flips a coin to decide the fate of some of his victims, showing that he genuinely kills without any compassion or remorse. He often sees himself as the hand of fate and is described to have his own set of values, no matter how warped others may consider him to be. He may not kill randomly or without purpose, but his reasons for killing are often quite abstract.

Though Anton Chigurh’s outfit is seemingly basic, you will undoubtedly draw attention by mimicking his psychotic stare. Have friends join you to complete the entire cast by dressing up as other characters featured in the novel like Llewelyn Moss, Carson Wells, or Sheriff Ed Tom Bell.

Anton Chigurh Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the chilling and methodical world of Anton Chigurh from the 2007 film “No Country for Old Men” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Prepare to embody the cold and calculating demeanor of one of cinema’s most memorable antagonists, as we explore the key elements for recreating Chigurh’s distinct and menacing look, answering your questions about crafting a costume that captures his ruthless efficiency and enigmatic presence.

Anton Chigurh's outfit in the film is characterized by its simplicity and functionality, reflecting his pragmatic and intimidating persona. Key components include a dark or earth-toned western-style shirt, often buttoned up, a pair of simple slacks or work pants, and a dark, unadorned jacket. His attire is understated, which adds to his menacing presence.

One of Anton Chigurh's most notable features is his unique hairstyle, a bowl cut that is both striking and unsettling. To replicate this, you might need a wig styled in a similar fashion, or you could get a haircut to match. For facial features, maintain a clean-shaven look to emulate his emotionless and cold demeanor.

Chigurh's footwear is practical and unremarkable, typical of his functional style. Opt for a pair of plain, dark-colored boots or shoes that are nondescript and blend in with the rest of his outfit.

Key accessories for an Anton Chigurh costume include a captive bolt pistol, which is his signature weapon in the film. You can create a replica of this tool using materials like foam or lightweight plastic. Additionally, carrying a briefcase can add to the authenticity of the character, as it plays a significant role in the film.

Anton Chigurh is known for his calm, methodical speech and his philosophical outlook on fate and morality. Memorable quotes that can enhance your portrayal include: "Call it, friendo.," "What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?" and "You need to call it. I can't call it for you. It wouldn't be fair." Incorporating these elements into your portrayal can help you capture the essence of Anton Chigurh's character, making your costume more compelling and true to his role in "No Country for Old Men."

About Anton Chigurh

In 1980, Chigurh is hired to retrieve a satchel containing 2.4 million dollars from a drug-deal-gone-wrong. During this job, Anton discovers Llewelyn Moss, a local welder, chanced upon the money while hunting and skipped town with it. The plot, from Anton Chigurh’s perspective, is him tracking down Moss to retrieve the money. There are several altercations between Moss, Chigurh, and even a Mexican mob throughout the resulting goose chase Chigurh has when attempting to retrieve the money from Moss.

At some point, Anton Chigurh discovers a bounty hunter named Carson Wells has, like himself, been hired to retrieve the money too. Finding out that Wells made a deal with Moss to give him protection in exchange for the money, Chigurh kills Wells and offers to spare Moss’ wife if Moss agrees to give him the money. Moss refuses and is eventually killed by Mexican hitmen. After the crime scene had been cleared up, Chigurh appears, retrieves the money, and gives it back to the investor.

Anton Chigurh

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