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Anne Wheeler is a fictional character from the famous movie, The Greatest Showman. The film is an original musical inspired by P. T. Barnum’s s life and the circus troupe he created. It takes unwanted and shunned members of society and gives them a platform to use their voices. Anne Wheeler is a trapeze artist. People turn their nose up at her and her brother because of the color of their skin. These experiences have shaped Anne into a soft-spoken and introverted person who keeps her head down.

While on stage, however, her confidence shines through as she flies through the air. Take a leap of faith dressed as Anne Wheeler with a Sleeveless V-Neck High Cut Leotard, Cut Half Cloak, Armband, Pink Wristband, Tights, Pink Wig, Hula Hooper, Body Gem Stones Stickers, and Silver Shoes.

Anne Wheeler Cosplay Costumes

Anne Wheeler’s character in the movie, The Greatest Showman, is looked down upon because of her heritage and skin color. For her, it sticks out everywhere she goes. All the scowls and judgment she gets from others are never-ending. Her performance outfit is a way of symbolizing this, while also boosting her confidence. Her bright purple leotard and pink wig are bold and hard to miss in a crowd. Her outfit is unforgettable.

Anne’s look isn’t memorable for just the color, but because it’s matched with impressive talents. She can easily make her trapeze act look elegant and straightforward, which is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, Anne’s outfit needs the spotlight! Perform alongside other circus ‘freaks’ like W. D. Wheeler, Lettie Lutz, Tom Thumb, Phillip Carlyle and, of course, P. T. Barnum. You’re bound to fill the seats with a costume like this!

Anne Wheeler Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vibrant and captivating world of “The Greatest Showman” with our costume guide FAQ for Anne Wheeler, the talented and graceful trapeze artist. Known for her stunning aerial performances and poignant role in the story, Anne’s costume reflects her elegance, strength, and the mesmerizing allure of the circus. This guide will help you recreate Anne’s iconic look, perfect for capturing the essence of this inspiring character.

Anne Wheeler's costume is both eye-catching and functional, designed for her breathtaking trapeze performances. Her signature outfit is a purple leotard embellished with intricate sequins and patterns, which provides both glamour and ease of movement. The leotard is often accompanied by a pair of flesh-colored tights and a short, purple, skirt-like accessory that adds flair to her costume. Her look is completed with comfortable, flexible footwear suitable for acrobatics.

Anne Wheeler's hair is styled in a neat, elegant bun, which is practical for her aerial routines. If you have long hair, you can recreate this look by tying your hair into a tight bun. For added authenticity, you can use a purple or pink hair ribbon that matches her costume. Anne's makeup is vibrant yet tasteful, with a focus on defining the eyes.

Anne wears functional footwear that resembles ballet slippers or soft dance shoes, allowing for flexibility and ease during her performances. Any flat, comfortable dance shoes in a neutral or purple color would complement her outfit.

To enhance the authenticity of your Anne Wheeler costume, consider adding a prop aerial hoop or trapeze bar, as these are central to her performances. Even without these props, practicing some graceful, dance-like poses can capture her character's essence.

Anne Wheeler is known for her grace, poise, and resilience. Embodying her confidence and elegance, especially in how she carries herself, can bring depth to your portrayal. You can also mimic her performance expressions – a blend of concentration and joy, which reflects her passion for aerial arts and her strong, independent spirit.

About Anne Wheeler

Anne Wheeler is a trapeze artist in the 2017 movie, The Greatest Showman. Played by Zendaya, Anne is part of P. T. Barnum’s circus troupe of “freaks.” All her life, she’s had to live with racism and discrimination. Even though she’s an incredibly talented acrobat, people have never looked past her skin color. Barnum’s circus group allows Anne to use her talents to perform

After some time in the circus troupe, Phillip Carlyle begins to take an interest in her. Anne cannot believe that Phillip feels she’s beautiful and believes their love could never be. Her fears come true when Phillips parents see them in public together, and it causes an immediate rift between them. Anne soon learns to let go of her fears and take a chance. There’s no point waiting for society’s approval when they’ve already tossed her aside, so she has to start using her voice to make an impact.

Anne Wheeler

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