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The DC Comics series, Watchmen, is a new HBO series based on the comic book by the same name. The story takes place in the United States, but in a different reality to ours. Superheroes and vigilantes alike have been outlawed because of how violent they were becoming. An uprising has begun as they no longer want to keep quiet, but not all of the heroes want to be a part of the revolution.

Angela Abar, played by Regina King, works as a lead detective for the Tulsa Police. Anyone working for the police must wear a mask so that they can protect themselves and their families from the crazed vigilantes. But the mask she wears as an officer isn’t the only mask she wears. If you too want to start wearing a mask and fighting crime as Angela Abar, you will need to follow this DIY costume guide. You can get everything you need to look like the Hooded Justice. For the look, dress up in a Face Mask, Black Face Paint, Hoodie Dress Cloak, Turtleneck, Women Belt, Sheriff Pin, Leather Gloves, Leather Leggings, and Fashion Boots.

Angela Abar Cosplay Costumes

With the revolution of vigilantes beginning to surface at an alarming pace, new actions must be taken to stop them. The government thought they had wiped them out, but in reality, they were just in hiding. The superheroes and vigilante fighters were waiting for just the right opportunity to strike. They were in hiding long before the government began to come after them. People now see masked figures as a danger and threat because no one wants to trust someone who hides their true identity.

Angela Abar’s style is similar to other classic vigilantes. Whether she’s fighting crime with her badge or without it, she still wants to look just as good. Her outfit is meant to be an imagery of her character’s view on the world. She thinks everything is either black and white—good and evil. But as she starts her journey as a vigilante, she may find there’s a gray area after all.

Angela Abar Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the intriguing world of HBO’s “Watchmen” series by portraying Angela Abar, also known as Sister Night. Our costume guide FAQ will assist you in recreating Angela’s powerful and mysterious vigilante look, reflecting her dual identity as a detective and a masked crusader. Let’s explore how to craft her iconic costume and embody her determined and resilient character.

Angela Abar's Sister Night outfit is a symbol of her vigilante persona. Key components include a long, black hooded cloak or coat, a black mask covering the top half of her face, and a nun-like habit. She also wears a black dress or tunic with black pants and tactical boots. The costume is completed with a leather belt equipped with pouches and gloves. Angela's look is both intimidating and functional, befitting her role as a vigilante.

Sister Night's mask is a key element of her costume. It's a black, leather-like material that covers the top half of her face and eyes, leaving her mouth and chin exposed. For her hairstyle, Angela sports short, curly hair. Use a similar style wig or style your own hair to match her look. The mask can be made from black fabric or leather-like material, ensuring it fits comfortably and allows for visibility.

The material for Sister Night's cloak should be heavy and dark, like a thick cotton blend or light wool, giving it a dramatic and flowing appearance. Her dress or tunic and pants can be made from a durable fabric like cotton or a cotton blend, suitable for movement. The tactical boots should be sturdy and comfortable.

Key details for a Sister Night costume include her leather belt with pouches, where she keeps her detective tools and vigilante gadgets. Gloves that match the outfit add to the tactical look. As a prop, consider a faux baton or a detective's badge to enhance the authenticity of the costume.

To bring depth to your portrayal of Angela Abar/Sister Night, consider using some of her memorable quotes: "People who wear masks are driven by trauma. They're obsessed with justice because of some injustice they suffered.," "I've got a nose for white supremacy, and he smells like bleach.," "I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it because I don't have a choice.," "You can't heal under a mask, Angela. Wounds need air." and "I'm trying to save your life, and you're worried about getting in trouble?" These quotes reflect Angela's complex motives, her commitment to justice, and her struggle with her own identity, making them ideal for adding authenticity to your costume portrayal.

About Angela Abar

Regina King plays the rough and tough Angela Abar in HBO’s new superhero show, Watchmen. The show takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but during a time when there’s no such thing as the internet or smartphones. Superheroes used to be a regular occurrence. But, when the vigilantes’ methods started becoming too violent, the government attempted to shut them down. The government hunted down vigilantes that they formerly worked with making many of them flee underground. One particular masked group started raiding police homes, which led to the police force wearing masks so they wouldn’t become a target.

Angela Abar works as a Tulsa Police Detective. She’s a tough and hardworking woman who sees the world plainly in black and white. When the masked vigilantes begin a revolution, Abar takes it upon herself to stop them. Between her job, her family, and this new challenge, she has to start juggling multiple masks to keep herself and others safe.

Angela Abar

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