How to Dress Like Angel Dust

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Basic Long Sleeve T Shirt
Faux Brown Leather Corset
Women's Tactical Pant
Black Nylon Utility Belt
Full Finger Military Tactical Gloves
Black Combat Boots

Best Angel Dust Costume Guide

For your next costume party, dress up as Angel Dust, one of the coolest new villains from the Marvel Universe. The evil henchwoman from Deadpool proved that she’s a force to be reckoned with. After subjecting Wade Wilson to torture, she finds the tables turned when Wilson sets out on a quest for revenge as the vigilante Deadpool.

If you want to do Angel Dust justice with your costume, there are a few essentials you’ll need, like a BSLINGERIE faux brown leather corset, Top Moda black combat boots, TRU-SPEC women’s tactical pants, and a basic long-sleeve t-shirt. You’re also going to want an AGPtek black nylon utility belt and some OMGAI full finger military tactical gloves.

Angel Dust Cosplay Costumes

If you’re going for a “take no prisoners” kind of vibe for your next cosplay costume, who better to dress up as then Angel Dust from Deadpool? The ruthless henchwoman with superhero strength isn’t afraid of anything, and lucky for you, she has pretty awesome style. With a brown leather corset, tactical pants, and a pair of black combat boots, everyone will instantly recognize you as Angel Dust – and they’ll know you mean business.

Accessorize your costume with some military tactical gloves and a black utility belt. If you’re cosplaying with friends, have them dress up as Ajax, Deadpool, Colossus, or another character from the movie. Just try not to start a full blown battle in the middle of your convention. These cosplayers dressed as Angel Dust prove how cool you will look in this costume.

Angel Dust Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of mutant powers and moral complexities with our Angel Dust costume guide FAQ from the Marvel Universe. Embody the strength and resilience of this intriguing character as we answer your most common questions about replicating Angel Dust’s distinctive look, perfect for comic book fans and cosplay enthusiasts.

Angel Dust's costume is typically a representation of her strength and agility. It includes a form-fitting, sleeveless bodysuit, often in dark colors like black or grey, accented with designs or stripes that enhance her muscular physique. She is also known for her short, spiky hair, which adds to her fierce appearance.

Angel Dust has a unique, short and spiky hairstyle. If you have short hair, you can style it upwards with strong-hold gel or wax. Alternatively, a short, spiked wig can be used to achieve her look. Her hair is usually dark, so choose a wig in a black or dark brown shade.

Angel Dust wears practical, combat-style boots that are suitable for action and mobility. Look for a pair of black, lace-up boots with a sturdy sole, which will complement the overall aesthetic of her outfit and enhance the portrayal of her physical prowess.

Angel Dust's costume is quite minimalist, focusing on her physical abilities rather than accessories. However, you might consider adding fingerless gloves or wristbands to emphasize her combat-ready look. Props are not typically associated with her character.

While Angel Dust is more known for her actions than her words, incorporating a few lines can add depth to your portrayal. As she's a lesser-known character with limited dialogue, focus on embodying her strong, silent nature. You might use phrases like, "Ready for a fight," or "Don't underestimate me," which capture her confident, combative spirit.

About Angel Dust

Angel Dust has superhuman strength that she can trigger with an adrenaline rush. She developed her powers after agreeing to undergo a procedure designed to give the subject special abilities. Angel Dust is generally cruel toward others, and has anger issues that are easily set off. She has no problem with torturing or hurting others to get what she wants.

Angel Dust helped Ajax torture Wade Wilson in an attempt to turn Wade into a ruthless killing machine that they could sell. After Wade escapes from his confinement and vows to get revenge on those that tortured and disfigured him, Angel Dust is forced to go on the defensive and help Ajax stop him. In the end, Angel Dust and Ajax fail, but her life is spared by one of Wade’s mutant friends, Colossus. Despite Angel Dust’s general distaste for others, she displays some semblance of affection for Colossus.

Angel Dust

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