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Faux Suede Leather Flight Jacket
Men's Short-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt
Aviator Pilot Cap
Regular-Fit Jean
Utility Boot

Best Andy DeMayo Costume Guide

Andy DeMayo appears as the cousin of Greg Universe on the Cartoon Network TV show Steven Universe. Andy is different from most characters appearing on the animated show with his dismay and confusion toward the Gems. While Andy DeMayo, at first, calls them hippies, illegal immigrants, and aliens, he soon learns to appreciate the Crystal Gems and their unique appearances and abilities. Get the look of the main character Steven Universe’s first cousin with this Andy DeMayo costume guide.

Cosplay Andy DeMayo’s look with a Faux Suede Leather Flight Jacket, Short-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt, Aviator Pilot Cap, Khaki Regular-Fit Jeans, and a pair of Utility Boots.

Andy DeMayo Cosplay Costumes

The characters from the animated show Steven Universe are quickly becoming popular costume choices for cosplay, and now the pessimistic Andy DeMayo can be added to that list! Sometimes it’s fun to go as a character that hasn’t always been a fan favorite, like Andy. We’ve found every piece you need to recreate this look. Here’s how to get started.

To get Andy’s look, you’ll first need to wear a gray short-sleeve cotton shirt. Over that, put on a brown faux leather flight jacket. Add the aviator hat next. Finally, slip on a pair of khaki colored regular fit jeans and a pair of utility boots. This costume only takes a few pieces to pull it all together and take off! Send a picture of your look-alike costume of Andy DeMayo to show others how to dress up like this character.

Andy DeMayo Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the quirky and down-to-earth character of Andy DeMayo from the animated series “Steven Universe.” This costume guide FAQ is designed to help you accurately capture Andy’s traditional yet distinctive style, reflecting his role as Greg Universe’s cousin and a figure of familial importance in the series.

Andy DeMayo's outfit is simple and practical, typical of his no-nonsense personality. It consists of a brown aviator jacket, a green shirt, blue jeans, and brown work boots. His outfit is reflective of a traditional, working-class individual with a touch of an old-school pilot's aesthetic, given his love for flying.

Andy has short, somewhat messy, dark brown hair and a thick mustache. To replicate his look, you might use a short brown wig or style your own hair to match his hairstyle. For the mustache, you can either grow one or use a fake mustache. Andy's facial expressions often convey his straightforward and sometimes gruff demeanor.

Key accessories for an Andy DeMayo costume include a pilot's cap or an aviator hat, reflecting his interest in aviation. You might also consider carrying model airplane props or pilot's goggles to enhance the aviation theme associated with his character.

Andy DeMayo often exhibits a confident and sometimes stubborn attitude. His poses and mannerisms can be direct and assertive, reflecting his often traditional and old-fashioned viewpoint. Mimicking his often animated hand gestures and expressive facial expressions will add authenticity to your portrayal.

To add depth to your portrayal of Andy, consider using some of his memorable quotes: "I'm Andy DeMayo! I'm part of this family too!," "What's the point of all this family if we're not together?," "I just wanted everyone to be together for once.," "Flying's about freedom! Nobody can tell you what to do up there." and "You can't let anyone tie you down." These quotes reflect Andy's values on family, freedom, and his somewhat traditional views, which are central aspects of his character in the series.

About Andy DeMayo

Andy DeMayo appears as Steven Universe’s first cousin once removed. His character is much different than most of the crew on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar. Andy isn’t quite as inviting of the Gems as everyone else. When Andy first meets the Gems, he is confused by their appearance and refers to them as hippies and illegal immigrants. Andy has had a troubled life and we learn that is why he isn’t quite like the other characters. He has many regrets from his past and wishes he and his family had not grown so far apart.

Thankfully, he begins to lose some bitterness toward Steven and the Gems after realizing how great they are to each other. He even allows Peridot and Lapis to stay inside his barn, which he previously had stated was only allowed for the DeMayo family. Deep down Andy knows that Steven Universe, Greg Universe, and the Gems are good and he now enjoys being a part of their lives.

Andy DeMayo

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