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Best Andy Carmichael Costume Guide

Andy Carmichael plays a cheerleader turned adventurer in the 1985 film The Goonies. After Andy meets up with Brand and the rest of the Goonies, she finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime. In the basement of the Lighthouse Lounge, Andy and her friends discover a dead body in a freezer. Soon after, the Fratelli crime family shows up, and the group of friends narrowly escapes through the hidden entrance of a fireplace. Now in an unknown environment, the Goonies find themselves evading deadly booby traps and running from the Fratellis, all while searching for hidden treasure.

Get the look of the flirty cheerleader from The Goonies with this Andy Michael costume guide. Cosplay Andy’s look by wearing a Yellow Cardigan over a Yellow Shirt and Beige Knit Sweater. Pair with a White Skirt, White Socks, and White Sneakers. Get the look just right by adding a Letter “A” Patch. 

Andy Carmichael Cosplay Costumes

While Andy plays the stereotypical teenage cheerleader, she is much more than just “the pretty girl who screams.” Towards the end of the journey in The Goonies, the group of friends stumbles upon a bone organ. With a list of chords written on the back of their treasure map, Andy must recall her music lessons from when she was a child to play the correct tune and save her and her friends. After a couple of near-fatal mistakes, Andy succeeds, and the group narrowly escapes.

Cosplay Andy’s look from The Goonies with a yellow cardigan and yellow shirt underneath a beige knit sweater. Create her cheerleader look with a white skirt, white socks, and a pair of sneakers. Complement the look with a letter “A” patch to complete the look. Be like the goonies, and go on the adventure of a lifetime with your closest friends! Make an entrance and cosplay with your crush Brand, your best friend Stef, and the rest of the Goonies, including Mikey, Mouth, Sloth, and Chunk.

Andy Carmichael Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the adventurous spirit of “The Goonies” with our Andy Carmichael costume guide FAQ. Capture the essence of this beloved character, portrayed by Kerri Green, as we guide you through recreating her memorable look, perfect for embracing the fun and camaraderie of this classic film.

Andy Carmichael's outfit reflects a classic 1980s teen style. Key elements include a red or pink sweater, often with horizontal stripes or a simple pattern, paired with light blue jeans or a denim skirt. Andy's look is completed with white sneakers or casual shoes, capturing her girl-next-door charm and the casual fashion of the era.

Andy has medium-length, wavy hair that epitomizes the laid-back yet stylish '80s look. To achieve this, style your hair with gentle waves and maybe a slight side part. If your hair doesn't match, consider a wig styled to mirror her wavy, approachable look.

For Andy's sweater, look for a piece in red or pink, possibly with horizontal stripes or a simple pattern. It should have a comfortable, slightly loose fit. Pair this with light blue jeans or a denim skirt that sits at or just above the knee, true to the '80s teen fashion.

To capture Andy's Goonies look, minimal accessories are needed. A simple bracelet or watch and a small, understated bag or backpack would complement her outfit. Focus on keeping the style casual and authentic to a 1980s teenager.

Including some of Andy's quotes can bring her character to life. Memorable lines include: "I can't tell... if it's an 'A sharp' or if it's a 'B flat'!," "If you guys need the Goonies, I'm here." and "I'm not a Goonie. I wanna go home." These lines capture Andy's mix of apprehension and bravery, her willingness to be part of the team, and her iconic moments from the film, adding an extra layer of fun and authenticity to your costume.

About Andy Carmichael

Andy, or Andrea, Carmichael plays the role of the cute redhead cheerleader in the 1985 film, The Goonies. Of course, Andy is more than a pretty face and ends up saving the group when she successfully plays the bone organ that leads the group of friends to the Inferno pirate ship. When we first meet Andy, she is upset with Troy for sneaking looks up her skirt and down her shirt. However, Andy is a strong girl, and when Troy begins to mess with Brand, Andy’s crush, she ends up elbowing Troy in the face before taking off with her friend Stef. 

Not only does the film prove that girls like Andy can be strong, but it also shows that kids can save the day. When the group finds One-Eyed Willy’s treasure, the friends have enough money to save their homes from foreclosure, which ends up rescuing their town of the Goon Docks.

Andy Carmichael

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