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The Japanese anime television series Dragon Ball Z is about a group of fighters and adventurers. They work together to keep the earth safe from intergalactic space fighters, androids, magical creatures, and conquerors. Android 21 a superhuman android who was designed by Akira Toriyama. Her biology gives her a compulsive instinct to eat. When she hasn’t eaten in a while, her personality splits, and her evil side takes full control. Android 21 begins to see people like food that she can eat. 

Her usual persona is more human and motherly, but her evil side is power-hungry and cruel. Her android template is based on the mother of a separate android, number 16. The template helps explain the motherly instinct. If you want to get the look of Android 21’s character, follow this step-by-step costume guide. For the look, you will need an Android 21 Costume, Android 21 Wig, Android 21 Shoes, Nail Polish, Hoop Earrings, and Gold Ring.

Android 21 Cosplay Costumes

Android 21 is a fun character for cosplayers because she has two very different looks. A split personality gives you ways in which you can dress like her, depending on which persona you prefer. The “good side” of Android 21 dresses in clothing more typical of a human. Android 21 has messy brown hair and often wears a 60s style mini dress with matching boots, black tights, and arm warmers. Her white lab coat, along with simple hoop earrings and a pair of glasses, compliments her look.

The “evil side” of Android 21 is much more over-the-top. This particular persona has pastel pink hair, pink-toned skin, a tight black crop top, puffy white pants, and black boots.

You could have a friend join you to cosplay one personality while you dress as the other. Or you could wear both costumes if you like a challenge! Regardless of the Android 21 persona, you choose to cosplay; your outfit is sure to be awesome! Why not submit a photo to our Halloween Costume Contest to show everyone how cool it is!

Android 21 Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of “Dragon Ball FighterZ” with our detailed costume guide FAQ dedicated to Android 21, the brilliant and powerful scientist with a dual personality that captivates fans. Known for her distinctive appearance that combines the iconic Android aesthetics with her own unique flair, Android 21 is a character that offers cosplayers the opportunity to explore an intriguing blend of elegance and power. This guide will provide you with the insights needed to accurately capture Android 21’s look, from her vibrant hair to her sophisticated outfit.

Android 21's costume is characterized by its unique and striking features, including a white lab coat that signifies her scientific background, a blue and red dress underneath, black sleeves, and a black and gold belt. Her look is completed with a pair of black tights and blue and red heels that match her dress. The most iconic feature is her long pink hair, styled with bangs and two longer strands framing her face, along with her pointed ears and tail, which showcase her Android and Majin influences.

To replicate Android 21's hair, a long pink wig with bangs is essential. You might need to customize the wig by adding additional strands to match her unique hairstyle. For her pointed ears, you can purchase elf or fairy ear tips from a costume store and paint them to match your skin tone or the pink hue of the wig. Attach these ear tips securely so they blend seamlessly with the wig for a cohesive look.

For Android 21's lab coat, a high-quality white fabric with a slight sheen, such as satin or a lightweight twill, can give the garment an authentic look. The dress can be made from a stretchy, comfortable fabric in blue and red, ensuring a close fit that mirrors her design in the game. For the black sleeves and gold belt, materials like spandex for the sleeves and a textured gold fabric for the belt would be ideal to capture the contrast and detail of her outfit.

Android 21's tail is a distinctive feature that requires special attention. You can create the tail using a flexible wire core covered with pink fabric that matches the wig's color. This setup allows you to shape the tail as desired while keeping it attached securely to your costume, either by sewing it onto the dress or using a belt hidden under the lab coat. Adding a bit of stuffing can give the tail a fuller, more lifelike appearance.

While Android 21 is known more for her complex backstory and transformations than specific catchphrases, embodying her character can be enhanced by capturing her scientific curiosity and her struggle with her darker urges. Phrases like "Let's conduct an experiment!" or "My hunger is insatiable... but I must control it!" can reflect her dual nature. Additionally, showing a keen interest in the strengths and abilities of others, as she does in the game, can add depth to your portrayal.

About Android 21

Android 21 is a compelling character that appears in the anime show, Dragon Ball Z. There are a couple of different backstories to her character, but the consensus is that Android 21 was created in the image of a human. Her cells are that of an incredibly strong warrior and scientists, and over time, she has become increasingly dominant. 

At some point, Android 21’s cells began messing up and started her extreme cravings. Her need to eat is almost uncontrollable, and the longer she goes without eating, the more she is consumed with her hunger. Her “good side” is fun and caring, whereas her “evil side” is that of an incredibly dark sociopath. Some say it could be the result of two fighter’s cells combining. In her case, no one knows for sure. All they know is that they need to keep Android 21 well-fed.

Android 21

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