How to Dress Like Android 18

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Women's Blue Denim Distressed Sleeveless Vest
Women's Sleeveless Spandex Fitted Layering T-shirt
Women's Long Sleeve Striped T-Shirt
Women's Denim Mini Skirt
Dragon Ball Z Red Ribbon Patch
Women's High Quality Stretchy Leggings
Leather Belt Gold Buckle
Women's Round Toe Boots

Best Android 18 Costume Guide

If you’re looking for a cool manga character to cosplay, we highly recommend Dragon Ball’s Android 18. Following our guide, we can help you pull off her signature look! For the top half of her outfit, we suggest a Denim Distressed Sleeveless Vest. Beneath the vest, we’ve paired a Sleeveless Spandex T-Shirt and a Long Sleeve Striped T-shirt.

To finalize her look we propose a Denim Mini Skirt over a pair of High-Quality Stretchy Leggings. Accessorize with a Leather Belt Gold Buckle and Round Toe Boots. Sum up your look with a Dragon Ball Z Red Ribbon Patch, for an added effect.

Android 18 Cosplay Costumes

Classic manga character Android 18 has a fashionable look that can be super fun to cosplay. Debuting in the 1990’s her style in indicative of that period which only adds to the fun. First order of business is denim; you’ll need a vest and skirt made out of it. A fitted striped long sleeve shirt under a looser black sleeveless shirt and you’ve just about nailed her style!

Pull out those black leggings we all seem to have lurking in our closets and complete with a brown pair of round toed booties, or any kind of ankle boot. The patch is a nice touch to really let everyone know who you are but die-hard fans won’t even have to guess. For group endeavors, you can have a friend dress up as Android 18’s brother Android 17 or even Android 16. You can always invite the dreaded Dr. Gero into the mix. Check out our featured pics for more ideas, and as always we welcome your submissions!

Android 18 Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the powerful and stylish Android 18 from the “Dragon Ball” series with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Ideal for fans and cosplayers, this guide focuses on recreating Android 18’s iconic and memorable look. From her sleek outfit to her blonde hair, we cover the essentials for an authentic portrayal of this formidable character.

Android 18's classic outfit consists of a faded blue denim jacket and skirt, a black sleeveless turtleneck crop top, and a brown belt with a gold buckle. This ensemble is both trendy and functional, reflecting her cool and collected personality. The denim jacket and skirt are particularly distinctive, making them key elements in achieving her look.

Android 18 has shoulder-length, straight blonde hair. For the most authentic look, use a blonde wig if your hair doesn't match this style. The wig should be styled to have a slight parting in the middle and should frame the face neatly, reflecting her well-groomed yet effortless appearance.

Android 18 wears a pair of brown cowboy-style boots with a slight heel. These boots complement her outfit and add to her tough, no-nonsense image. Look for boots that have a similar style and color to complete your costume.

To perfect your Android 18 look, add a pair of small, round gold hoop earrings and a black choker necklace. These accessories are subtle but essential in capturing her style. Additionally, you could carry a small handbag, similar to the one she occasionally has in the series, to add a functional element to the costume.

Including quotes from Android 18 can bring your cosplay to life and make interactions more fun. Some memorable quotes include: "I'll be the one to kill you.," "I never knew you were this strong... This must be a dream.," "Looks like you're having fun.," "Spare me your pity. I don't need it." and "If you really want to test your strength, stay right where you are!." These quotes reflect Android 18's confident and sometimes aloof personality, as well as her formidable strength as a fighter.

About Android 18

Forcibly turned into a cyborg along with her brother, Andriod 18 is the product of a madman’s vendetta. While she is still one of the most powerful characters on Earth, Android 18 has defeated and been defeated by superior fighters. Being a cyborg isn’t all bad, Android 18’s abilities include: being able to fly, superhuman speed and strength and durability.

Android 18 is also immortal. Unlike other characters in this manga series, her energy is undetectable with Ki Sense which makes her harder to find than others. She has the ability to control a sphere energy wave along with a rapid-fire variation referred to as Infiniti Bullet. When she’s fighting alongside her brother, Android 17, the two of them can perform fighting maneuvers together to defeat their enemies. Android 18 fights to defeat the man who made her who she is and eventually succeeds. She is a deadly adversary and a forced to be reckoned with.

Android 18

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