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Best Android 13 Costume Guide

Android 13 is another one of Dr. Gero’s creations from the Japanese anime, Dragon Ball Z. He was created with the sole purpose of going after Goku and complete what Gero couldn’t. Since Android 13’s only programmed objective is taking down Goku, he is very focused on achieving this specific task. Android 13 may seem relaxed to some, but it’s still not advisable to get in his way. He won’t think twice about killing someone if it means a step toward completing his mission. 

Android 13 is incredibly strong in his current form. He’s able to match Goku, even when Super Saiyan, but he still isn’t considered the most powerful android. When Android 13 is in his super form, his desire to kill Goku is amplified even more. He’s increasingly violent and uses even more powerful attacks during fights. Get the look of Dr. Gero’s thirteenth Android creation with this Android 13 costume guide. Intimidate your foes dressed as Android 13 by wearing a Waiter Vest, Genie Pants, Men’s Suspender, Trucker Hat, Leather GLoves, Cosplay Boots, Silver Wig, Hoop Earrings, and Red Ribbon Patch.

Android 13 Cosplay Costumes

The original design of Android 13 was completed by the manga author of the series, Akira Toriyama. The character is shown to be a powerful and muscular man to intimidate anyone he comes across. Despite his strength, Android 13 is considered to be a stereotypical redneck. Dr. Gero made him before the Androids Saga and was deemed to be close to the final Android form. However, Android 13 had a few problems that just weren’t good enough for Dr. Gero. 

Android 13’s ability to absorb fellow Androids leads to make him increasingly dominant over time is feared by others. He absorbs Android 14 and 15, causing his powers to increase, and physical appearance changed. His power of absorption leads to Super Android 13’s form, making him stronger in battle than ever before! His skin becomes strong enough to break a sword making him nearly impossible to damage. Only Goku seems to be strong enough to defeat Android 13. Needless to say to cosplay Android 13 convincingly, you’re going to need to be seriously buff.

Android 13 Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the formidable Android 13 from the “Dragon Ball Z” movie “Super Android 13!” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Known for his distinctive appearance and immense strength, Android 13 is a popular character for cosplayers seeking to embody the intense world of “Dragon Ball Z.” This guide will help you recreate his unique look, perfect for anime conventions, cosplay events, or fan gatherings.

Android 13's outfit is characterized by its simple yet distinctive design. He wears a sleeveless, blue-striped white vest, light blue jeans, and red bandana. His outfit is complemented by a pair of rugged, brown work boots and a red trucker hat. Android 13's most notable feature is his bright orange mohawk and the Red Ribbon Army logo on his hat, indicating his origins.

To recreate Android 13's look, focus on his bright orange mohawk, which is a defining aspect of his character. You can use a wig or temporarily dye your hair. He also has a light beard and mustache, which can be drawn on with makeup or grown out. His facial expressions are typically stern or menacing, adding to his intimidating presence.

Look for a sleeveless white vest with blue stripes, resembling a traditional trucker style. You can either find a vest that matches this description or customize a plain white vest with fabric paint. His red trucker hat, ideally with the Red Ribbon Army logo, is essential. If you can't find one with the logo, you can add it yourself using fabric paint or a patch.

Aside from his clothing, Android 13's muscular physique is a significant part of his character. Consider using muscle suits or padding to replicate his build if necessary. His light blue jeans and brown work boots are also key components of his outfit and should be chosen to match the style seen in the anime.

To capture Android 13's essence, practice imposing poses that showcase his strength and combat readiness, as seen in his battles. Emulating his fighting stance or mimicking his powerful energy attacks can make your portrayal more authentic. Remember, his character is all about raw power and determination.

About Android 13

In the Dragon Ball Z universe, Dr. Gero has created another supercomputer named Android 13. This Android’s task is simple, kill Goku. During his first encounter with Goku, he is cocky and overconfident. This ultimately leads to him losing the battle. He absorbs his defeated teammates, Android 14 and 15, and becomes Super Android 13 to attempt once again to take down Goku. 

With his newfound strength, Android 13 feels invincible. Vegeta, Goku, Future Trunks, and Piccolo all attempt to attack him, but they don’t seem to make any noticeable impact. He squashes his foes like a grape and believes he may actually defeat Goku after all. However, Goku’s Super Saiyan form absorbs the Spirit Bomb and becomes even stronger than Android 13. With only a single punch, Android 13 disintegrates and Dr. Gero’s supercomputer shuts down completely. Dr. Gero’s hatred for Goku only rises as he loses more Androids that he has created. His failure makes him even more determined to create a final Android form that can defeat Goku.

Android 13

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