How to Dress Like an X-Wing Pilot

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X-Wing Pilot Costume Guide
X-Wing Fighter Collectible Helmet
X-wing Rebel Fighter Pilot White Flak Vest
Black Gloves
X-WING Pilot Chestbox
X-Wing Resistance Pilot Harness
Long Sleeve Twill Coverall
Black Boot

Best X-Wing Pilot Costume Guide

With commanding pilots like Luke Skywalker and newcomer Poe Dameron among their ranks, X-Wing Fighters are a visible presence in the Star Wars Movie. Follow our guide to pull off their trademark style!

Start with a Long Sleeve Twill Coverall for the base of the outfit. Add an X-Wing Rebel Fighter Pilot White Flack Vest under an X- Wing Pilot Chestbox and then an X-Wing Resistance Pilot Harness. Finish off your look with a pair of Black Gloves and a sturdy pair of Black Boots and an X-Wing Fighter Collectible Helmet.

X-Wing Pilot Cosplay Costumes

If you’re a Star Wars fan looking for cosplay ideas, we recommend an X-Wing Pilot. Highly recognizable characters from the franchise, their look is fairly simple to pull off. Begin with an orange jumpsuit. Now for our DIYers, constructing the pilot chestbox is a fun project to take on. If not, it can be purchased online from the link above or at a local costume shop. The same can be done with the harness. It can be made out of folded duct tape or purchased outright from the link above.

While you’re kind of obligated to don tall black boots to pull off this look, you can skip the helmet and gloves and still be a highly recognizable cosplayer. Group cosplay is a breeze, the Star Wars franchise has spawned many popular characters. Darth Vader, enemy to the resistance is a fun option, or Han Solo. Princess Leia or Jakku scavenger, Rey would also be welcome additions. Check out our featured pics for more style ideas or send in your own!

About X-Wing Pilots

X-Wing Pilots aka Rebel Pilots have long served under the Rebel Alliance with the Starfighter Corps. Counterparts to the Y-Wing Pilots, X-Wing Pilots were named for the type of Starfighters they flew. The X-Wing Starfighters have a distinct X shape to them while the Y-Wings were shaped like a Y and were considered bombers. Known to be small and fast, X-Wing Starfighters were employed against the Imperial Force and charged with the elimination of the Death Star.

While there were also A-Wing and B-Wing pilots, some of the most famous and influential Star Wars characters have been X-Wing Pilots. The most famous X-Wing Pilot of all is Luke Skywalker. Newer fans have been drawn to Poe Dameron, but both have had losses and gains while fighting with the Rebel Alliance. These worthy pilots were instrumental in the destruction of the Death Star and the temporary defeat of the Imperial Force.

X-Wing Pilot

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