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Best Amy Sosa Costume Guide

Meet the super-employee of Cloud-9 Store 1217, Amy Sosa. She is one of the main characters in the NBC comedy TV-series by Justin Spitzer, Superstore. Portrayed by America Ferrera, Amelia “Amy” Sosa, is an employee of Cloud 9 who worked as an associate, then floor supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager over the past eleven years in the company. She got pregnant at an early age making her unable to attend her college after being accepted to college. She was married to Adam and had two kids but later on decided to divorce. Amy also got together with Jonah who was the associate she had a clash with early in the series.

Get the look of this strong and independent woman with this Amy Sosa costume guide. Look like a store employee in Black Dress Pants and Blue Single Button Blazer. Then add a Floral Print Long-Sleeve Button-Down, Name Badge, Brown Leather Watch, and Black Heels.

Amy Sosa Cosplay Costumes

She’s sometimes Louise, at times Ruby—in order to keep strangers from calling her by her real name, Amy often changes her name on her name tag. Dress up like a dedicated employee on your next cosplay by copying the wardrobe of Amy Sosa from the NBC comedy, Superstore. Amy’s wardrobe mostly consists of semi-formal clothes appropriate for a typical store manager. She mostly wears dress shirts over pants and sometimes more comfortable fitted long sleeves with jeans. Amy also wears something blue to make her recognizable as a Cloud 9 Store 1217 employee. When she goes a little dressed up for work, she wears a blazer to look formal. You’ll even find her wearing a blue vest. As a last detail, don’t forget to wear a nametag and get creative with your name like Amy.

Need to cosplay an outfit you may have sitting in your closet? You should show up with your friends and dress up as the cast of Superstore for a low key yet fun way to cosplay.

Amy Sosa Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of retail hilarity with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Amy Sosa from “Superstore.” Get ready to take on the role of the hardworking and determined Cloud 9 employee as we answer your most common questions on how to recreate her signature look.

Amy typically sports a Cloud 9 uniform, which includes a blue vest, a white polo shirt, and khaki pants. She often wears a nametag, and to complete the look, add a walkie-talkie or clipboard for added authenticity.

You can create or customize your Cloud 9 vest using a blue vest or jacket, and you can find similar uniform pieces like white polo shirts and khaki pants at a local thrift store or online.

Amy typically has her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail or bun. You can mimic her hairstyle easily with a hair tie or clip to keep your hair neat and out of the way.

Amy often carries a clipboard or a walkie-talkie while at work. Adding one of these props to your costume can enhance the authenticity of your Amy Sosa cosplay. Don't forget the nametag!

While Amy doesn't have as many catchphrases as some characters, you can add humor and authenticity with a few lines: "Attention, Cloud 9 shoppers!," "Just another day in paradise.," "You're the best, Dina." "Oh, Jonah...," and "I'll take care of it." Incorporating these lines into your interactions can help capture Amy Sosa's character and her experiences at Cloud 9.

About Amy Sosa

Amelia “Amy” Sosa was the floor supervisor, then manager, at Cloud 9 Store 1217 where she’s worked since 2003. She revealed that she did not originally plan working for an extended period at Cloud 9, but has worked here for 11 years. Her parents are Ron and Connie Sosa. Amy got married at an early age even after getting accepted into college because she got pregnant with her daughter, Emma. She had to work hard to support her family. Years later, she divorced Adam but had another kid with him. She then had another chance at love with Jonah, her co-worker.

Amy is caring, bold, and driven. She does a great job at her work, a reason why she got promoted to several positions at Cloud 9. She speaks her voice and always finds a way in whatever she has to do. She is playful sometimes, but is one of the most mature characters in the series because of her life experiences.

Amy Sosa

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