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Amy Pond Costume Guide
Brown Bomber Jacket
Maroon Tank Top
Beige Camisole
Long Wavy Auburn Wig
Sheer Black Panty Hose
Black Shorts
Brown Cowgirl Boots

Best Amy Pond Halloween Costume Guide

Amelia ‘Amy’ Pond is a character from the much-loved Doctor Who series, where she is portrayed by actor Karen Gillan. She features as a companion to the Doctor in series 5, 6 and 7 of the favorite show. As a child, she met the Doctor when he tried to help her investigate a strange crack in her wall. However, the Doctor was distracted by an alert on the TARDIS. He promises to return in 5 minutes but accidentally arrives 12 years later when Amy is a 19-year-old woman who has started to believe he was just an imaginary friend from her childhood.

Eventually, she does join the Doctor as a companion and becomes a significant part of the show. If you’re ready to travel through time as Amy Pond, you’ll need a Beige Camisole, Maroon Tank Top, Brown Bomber Jacket, Black Shorts, Sheer Black Panty Hose, Brown Cowgirl Boots, and Long Wavy Auburn Wig.

Amy Pond Cosplay Costumes

Unlike many of the Doctor’s companions throughout history, Amy Pond doesn’t want to sit idly by and watch him do all the work. Forced to grow up thinking she was emotionally troubled for believing in her ‘imaginary friend’ who had visited her, Amy has developed a thick skin and as a strong, independent woman. She loves getting involved in the Doctor’s adventures, helping him fight monsters in strange worlds and timelines.

If you and your friends share a love of this cherished TV series, get together and attend your next event in tribute to the show. Check out some of our other Doctor Who themed costume guides such as the First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, The Master (Missy) and many more. If you want to enter our Halloween Costume Contest dressed as Amy Pond, don’t forget to submit your entry!

About Amy Pond

As a 7-year-old child, Amy Pond first met the Doctor when he crashed into her front yard in his TARDIS. She was concerned by a strange crack in her wall, which the Doctor promised to return and investigate in 5 minutes. When he gets back, he is accidentally 12 years late, and Amy has grown into a young woman. Through her life, people had told her the Doctor was merely an imaginary friend, and as the years went on, she started to believe this.

She is distrustful when he does return but finally agrees to join him as a companion as they travel through time. Throughout the series, she marries her fiancé Rory Williams who sometimes joins them on adventures, and she also gives birth to a daughter named Melody Pond who is later revealed to be a recurring character named River Song.

Amy Pond

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