How to Dress Like Amethyst

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Cut Glass Diamond Jewel
Purple Star Patch
Long Hair Wig
Gym Fitness Crop Top Black
Tunic Tank Top
Black Leggings
Knee High White Boots

Best Amethyst Costume Guide

As a member of the Crystal Gems and one of the last known Gems to be manufactured on earth as part of the Gem Homeworld’s Kindergarten project, Amethyst is quite the unique character. The character from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe show is the perfect choice for a costume if you want one that stands out for Halloween! Because Amethyst stayed in the ground for an extra 500 years, she’s shorter than many of the other Quartz Gem soldiers (just about the same as Steven Universe) and has a bit of a stocky build. What really makes her stand out though is her purple hue that matches with her gem. Get the look of one of the last surviving Gems on earth with this Amethyst costume guide.

To cosplay Amethyst’s look, you’ll need a few things like a cut glass diamond jewel, purple star patch, long hair wig, black fitness crop top, grey tunic tank top, black leggings and knee-high white boots to finish off the looks.

Amethyst Cosplay Costumes

While finding the items needed for your Amethyst costume may seem pretty easy, it’s putting it all together that can be the tricky part. For cosplay, you need a look that’s effortless while still looking tough. Just like Amethyst, you need to be able to pull off the purple look well. When purchasing a similar wig, try your best to find one that’s light purple in color just like Amethyst’s hair. Similar clothing should be easy to find in your closet or perhaps a friends. You can always create a star patch yourself if you’re creative enough.

To create a group cosplay that involves Amethyst and the other Crystal Gems from the show Steven Universe, we recommend finding a few friends who are willing dress as Steven Universe, Pearl, Jasper, and Ruby to make the look even closer to the show. We’d love to see how creative you get while creating this Gem’s outfit! Don’t hesitate to send over a few photos of your finished costume so we can feature it in the cosplay gallery to inspire others dress up like Amethyst.

Amethyst Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the fun-loving and carefree Amethyst from the animated series “Steven Universe” with our costume guide FAQ. Amethyst, a member of the Crystal Gems, is known for her spunky personality and distinctive style that combines punk elements with a casual, laid-back attitude. This guide will help you recreate Amethyst’s iconic look, embodying her spirit of freedom and rebellion.

Amethyst's costume is unique and colorful, reflecting her energetic personality. Essential elements include a sleeveless, off-shoulder lilac top and black leggings with star patterns on the knees. Her skin is a light purple, and she has voluminous, white, wavy hair, which can be replicated with body paint and a wig. Amethyst also wears white boots. Her look is completed with her gem, located on her chest, which can be recreated with a purple gemstone sticker or makeup.

To replicate Amethyst's light purple skin, use high-quality body paint or makeup. Ensure even coverage, and set the paint with a setting spray or powder to prevent smudging. For her white, wavy hair, use a voluminous white wig. Style the wig to mimic Amethyst's messy and carefree hairstyle for an authentic look.

The most essential accessory for an Amethyst costume is her gem. Use a purple gemstone sticker or create the gem effect with purple makeup on your chest. Additionally, Amethyst's white boots are a key part of her outfit. You can use white boots or cover existing boots with white material to match her style.

Yes, you can create a DIY version of Amethyst's leggings. Start with a pair of plain black leggings. Cut out star shapes from white fabric or use white fabric paint to create the star patterns on the knees. Make sure the stars are prominently placed and match the size and style seen in the show.

Including quotes from Amethyst can bring your costume to life and showcase her playful and rebellious personality. Some memorable lines include: "I never asked to be made!," "I'm not gonna let you stand there and remind me of everything I hate about myself!," "I don't need to feel like I'm waiting to be fixed. I'm not broken.," "I may be loose cannon, but I aim to please!" and "Let's go get jobs as fry cooks and do all the things regular humans do!" These quotes capture Amethyst's struggle with her identity, her desire for acceptance, and her fun-loving nature, making them perfect for adding character to your portrayal at events or parties.

About Amethyst

Often used as the comic relief on the Cartoon Network Steven Universe show, Amethyst is a carefree character who is full of laughter and fun. She tends to be judged by Pearl quite often for her lazy and foul mouth. But, you’ll see that she’s a very protective and loyal character beyond the negative attitude. Amethyst is usually the one who will entertain Steven Universe more than the other Gems. She is usually willing to partake in human activities with him.

While Amethyst may be carefree the majority of times, she also has quite a bit of self-loathing due to her origins in the Kindergarten and the dark past that it holds. Amethyst ends up feeling out of place compared to the other Gems generally feeling inadequate compared to Pearl or Garnet. Amethyst’s self-esteem is pretty low and when she feels down, she can get pretty cold and cranky with others.


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