How to Dress Like Amanda

Female Video Games
Pilot Jacket
Dead Tree Shirt
Olive Green Pants
Blue Pendant Necklace
Sergeant Stripes Patch
Yellow Nail Polish
Sunny Side Up Egg Patch
Yellow Ribbon
Yellow Converse

Best Amanda Costume Guide

In the game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator by Game Grumps, Amanda Ann already has one dad, but is now faced with the chances of having another great dad or possibly one that could ruin her life! The 18-year-old daughter is a high school senior who dreams of going to school for art and photography, but will all of that come crumbling down based on whoever comes into her family next? Amanda is the player’s daughter who has dark skin with freckles on her cheeks and brown hair that she wears in a ponytail. Get the look of the aspiring photographer with this Amanda costume guide.

Cosplay Amanda’s hipster style with a Dead Tree T-Shirt, Olive Green Pants, and a pair of Yellow Converse shoes. She wears a Pilot Jacket that has a Sunny Side Up Egg Patch and Sergeant Stripes Patch. Since Amanda is apparently all about the accessories, throw on a Blue Pendant Necklace, a Yellow Ribbon for your hair, and some Yellow Nail Polish! Now, you’re as artsy as Amanda!

Amanda Cosplay Costumes

Amanda’s hipster look isn’t too difficult to recreate, but you do have a few key items to find that could really make your costume reflect Amanda’s true character! Most of her costume we recommend finding online! Go ahead and order the t-shirt that you will want to layer underneath the green pilot jacket. A similar jacket can probably be found at a local thrift store. The egg and sargent patches should be put on the jacket for an identical match. You probably already have a similar pair of pants or shoes. If not, these can be found at any retail store, along with the yellow ribbon and nail polish! The last piece to grab is that blue pendant necklace that Amanda is always wearing in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

Amanda is usually a solo kind of girl, but grab a few of your guy friends for group cosplay to dress as the dreamy dads from the game–Brian Harding, Mat Sella, Joseph Christiansen, Hugo Vega, Craig Cahn, Damien Bloodmarch, and Robert Small. We want to see how this costume came together for you, so send us a picture that can be featured in our costume gallery of Amanda Ann’s looks!

Amanda Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the quirky and heartwarming world of “Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator” with our costume guide FAQ for Amanda, the witty and creative daughter of the playable character. Amanda’s style is casual, trendy, and expressive of her artistic personality, making her a fun and relatable character to cosplay. This guide will help you capture Amanda’s unique look and vibrant spirit.

Amanda's outfit is a perfect blend of casual and artsy. Key elements include a mustard yellow shirt with a red heart in the center, a green army-style jacket with various patches, dark jeans or pants, and comfortable sneakers. Her look is youthful and eclectic, reflecting her creative and outgoing personality.

Amanda has short, dark hair styled in a messy bob with bangs. If your hair isn't similar, consider using a short, dark wig styled to match. Amanda's makeup is minimal, with a focus on a natural look. She has a bright and expressive face, often sporting a big, warm smile that reflects her friendly and approachable nature.

Essential accessories for Amanda include her green army jacket adorned with patches, representing her interests and personality. You might also consider adding a camera around your neck or carrying a sketchbook, as she is known for her photography and artistic talents. These items will add depth to the character portrayal.

To embody Amanda's character, focus on her energetic and playful demeanor. She is often seen with a big smile and a positive attitude. Practicing her friendly and open body language, along with an expressive and enthusiastic way of speaking, will help you capture her essence.

Amanda is known for her sharp wit, supportive nature, and strong bond with her father. Embodying her character involves capturing her sense of humor and her caring attitude. Some memorable aspects of her personality include her love for dogs, her talent in photography, and her ability to navigate difficult conversations with empathy. While Amanda doesn't have specific catchphrases, portraying her with a sense of optimism, creativity, and an ever-ready quip can help bring her character to life in a way that resonates with fans of "Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator."

About Amanda

Amanda is a main character in the game, Dream Daddy published by Game Grumps. The mission of this game is to play as a single dad who is on the hunt for the best partner and other father for his daughter Amanda. Amanda is an 18-year-old high school senior who has plenty of issues on her own! She is trying to decide which college she wants to attend, and she must face the rejection of one of her top picks!

Amanda is like most teenage girls in that she loves dogs, art, and photography. She has big dreams of going to the Horne Art Institute, and you will help her along the way in her decision making! Her style suggests that she’s not the preppy girl you usually see in high schools, but is much more likely to have the label of a hipster IF she had to choose one! See how Amanda’s life will play out by the choices that are made within the game.




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