How to Dress Like Alonzo Harris

Male Movies
Three-Button Leather Blazer
Mandarin Collar Button Down Shirt
Security/Enforcement Deluxe Badge
Men's Cross Necklace
Relaxed Fit Signature Khaki Pant
Black Doo Rag
Stainless Steel Male Chain Necklace
.44 Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol
Classic Casual Lace Up Leather Oxfords Shoes

Best Alonzo Harris Costume Guide

Bring an underrated baddie to life as Denzel Washington’s Oscar-winning character, Detective Alonzo Harris from the movie Training Day. It was refreshing to see a Hollywood nice guy play a corrupt cop and with our guide, you can pull off his look! The list includes a 44 Magnum Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol as an accessory, what’s not to love about that?

Start with a three-button leather blazer and a black long sleeved banded collar shirt. A Men’s Cross Necklace paired with a Stainless Steel Male Chain Necklace, and a Security/Enforcement Deluxe Badge will cover the main accessories. Add a pair of black Relaxed Fit Signature Khaki Pants and Classic Casual Lace Up Leather Oxfords Shoes in the same shade. Cap it off with a Black Doo Rag and a confident attitude, and you’re all set!

Alonzo Harris Cosplay Costumes

Bad guy cosplay is always a treat. This character, in particular, has a sleek look that requires pieces commonly found in the average man’s closet. Det. Alonzo Harris prefers the color black when dressing. A black leather jacket over a black shirt, pants and shoes in the same shade and you’re more than half way to your mark. Hardware is easy enough to come by in the form of costume shop badges and jewelry. A doo rag can be found in most beauty aisles and any toy gun would suffice.

While there aren’t too many major characters to emulate in this movie, there are at least another male and female to cosplay. Rookie cop, Officer Jake Hoyt is one choice for group cosplay. Also, Sara, Det. Harris’s girlfriend is a good pairing if you’re considering a couples cosplay. Alonzo Harris may not be a major player in the convention circuit, but that’s what makes him a character to pick if you want to depart from the norm.

Alonzo Harris Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the intense and morally complex world of “Training Day” with our costume guide FAQ for Alonzo Harris, the compelling and enigmatic narcotics officer portrayed by Denzel Washington. This guide aims to help fans accurately recreate Alonzo’s commanding presence and distinctive style, perfect for a movie-themed event, a costume party, or simply as a tribute to this iconic film character.

Alonzo Harris exudes a stylish yet intimidating appearance. His key outfit elements include a black, three-piece suit – a tailored jacket, vest, and trousers. Underneath, he wears a dark, button-up shirt, often with a slight sheen, and no tie. His look is polished off with black, shiny dress shoes.

Alonzo Harris sports a clean, short haircut and a well-groomed goatee. To mimic his look, aim for a neat, close-cropped hairstyle and a precisely trimmed goatee. If you don't have facial hair, a fake goatee can be used to replicate his appearance.

Essential accessories for an Alonzo Harris costume include a pair of aviator sunglasses, which add to his tough and assertive demeanor. A fake gold or silver watch and a police badge or detective shield, which can be attached to the belt or worn around the neck, are also key to his character.

To embody Alonzo Harris, adopt a confident and assertive demeanor. He often has a dominant posture, with a swagger in his step. His speech is charismatic yet can be menacing, with a tone that commands attention. Mimicking his confident walk and intense, piercing gaze can help in portraying his character accurately.

Including quotes from Alonzo Harris can enhance your portrayal. Here are some memorable lines: "It's not what you know, it's what you can prove.," "To protect the sheep, you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.," "You gotta be a wolf to catch a wolf.," "King Kong ain't got nothing on me!," and "This is chess, not checkers." These quotes capture the essence of Alonzo's complex character, his street wisdom, and his aggressive approach to law enforcement.

About Alonzo Harris

Detective Alonzo Harris is in over his head. A thirteen-year veteran and highly decorated Los Angeles Police detective. By far the most feared man on the streets, he is in the center of the corruption in the narcotic’s department. Driven by easy money, he is ruthless in his pursuit. He’ll kill for it and has. Alonzo Harris is a sociopath, and he’s made a costly mistake.

Caught up in his own drama, Det. Harris was unprepared to have to take on a rookie cop during his patrol. Wide-eyed and incredulous, the rookie witnesses his superior brazenly exploiting his position and terrorizing a community. Alonzo Harris doesn’t concern himself with what the rookie or anyone has to say; he’s got a problem, and only theft and violence is going to solve it. A departure from his usual roles, Denzel Washington’s talent has made Det. Alonzo Harris a character worth cosplaying.

Alonzo Harris

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