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All Might, also known as Toshinori Yagi, is a former No. 1 Hero and a teacher in the manga series, My Hero Academia. He is the mentor of Izuku Midoriya at the UA High School, where he teaches Foundational Hero Studies. He was the eighth bearer of the One for All Quirk (a transferable Quirk), which he received from Nana Shimura. All Might then passed this Quirk to Izuku. The world’s greatest superhero, All Might, retired after he used up all the embers of One For All to defeat All For One—All Might’s arch-nemesis, and once Japan’s most powerful villain.

Get the look of the former world’s greatest hero with this All Might costume guide. Become All Might at his peak superhero glory by following this cosplay guide. You will need the colorful All Might Jumpsuit, All Might Boots, and Muscle Shirt. Mirror his superhero hair with a Cosplay Wig and Ultra Hair Gel.

All Might Cosplay Costumes

In his superhero form, All Might wears his Golden Age hero costume to perfection over his large, muscular body. His blue skin-tight bodysuit has a Y-shaped symbol on the chest that resembles a diamond outlined in red and white. The lines go around his side, from the top of his torso to his back, resembling wings. Over his hips are large white patches with red lines, which cover each hip and end at his lower thigh. Spiked fins line the side of his arms. He also wears shin-length gold boots with red and white trim. His short blond hair is swept backward and spiked.

All Might has an enviable physique and this cosplay is better suited for muscular men. Don’t be discouraged if you are lacking in the muscles department because the All Might costume guide includes a Muscle Shirt that gives you the illusion of his superhero-worthy bulges. Join fellow friends dressed as fellow My Hero Academia characters for a killer manga group cosplay.

All Might Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of heroism and courage with our costume guide FAQ for All Might, also known as Toshinori Yagi, from “My Hero Academia.” Known for his towering presence and iconic hero suit, All Might’s outfit symbolizes his status as the symbol of peace and the number one hero. This guide is ideal for fans and cosplayers who wish to embody the essence of one of the most inspiring characters in the series.

All Might's hero costume is characterized by its bold colors and design. Key elements include a tight blue bodysuit with white and red accents, large red boots, and massive red gauntlets. His costume also features a gold belt, a small red cape, and two large, wing-like spikes on each side of his head. Don't forget the distinctive silver age smile to complete the heroic look.

Look for a blue spandex bodysuit as a base. You can add the white and red patterns using fabric paint or sew-on colored fabric panels. The suit's muscular design can be accentuated with foam padding or muscle suits underneath to mimic All Might's towering physique.

For All Might's boots and gauntlets, you can modify existing red boots and gloves by adding foam or cardboard pieces to achieve the exaggerated size and shape. Paint them red and add the necessary white accents to match his costume. Ensure they are comfortable to wear and allow for mobility.

All Might's hair can be replicated with a blonde wig styled in his unique, upward-swooping fashion. For his signature smile, practice maintaining a heroic and reassuring expression. Makeup can be used to accentuate your features, mimicking his drawn-on eyebrows and jawline.

Embrace All Might's inspiring presence with these memorable quotes: "I AM HERE!," "It's fine now. Why? Because I am here!," "You can become a hero.," "When you have to save someone, they're usually in a situation you can't predict. You have to be able to act when you're scared too." and "Plus Ultra!" These quotes reflect All Might's unwavering dedication to heroism, his optimistic outlook, and his mentorship role, making them perfect for anyone looking to bring the spirit of All Might into their cosplay.

About All Might

In his hero persona, All Might is a friendly and colorful individual who is always bearing a massive smile on his face. His can-do attitude makes the people around him feel safe and hopeful. He inspires others to strive for the best. In his natural form, Toshinori Yagi is more serious and less energetic than his superhero persona. His health is very fragile, which is evident when he frequently vomits blood. Due to his experience as a hero, Toshinori places the lives of others above his own and considers protecting others his responsibility.

All Might has extraordinary speed and strength, though he can only manifest these strengths for a limited time. As the symbol of peace and the strongest hero in the world, All Might can not only defeat an enemy with a single punch but change the weather. He lost his hero abilities shortly after his final fight with All For One, but he still retained his sharp reflexes and keen intuition.

All Might

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