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Alice, Sweet Alice Costume Guide
White Gloves
Fake Knife
Multi-Colored Mask
Yellow Raincoat

Best Alice, Sweet Alice Halloween Costume Guide

Alice, Sweet Alice is a 1976 film directed by Alfred Sole. Alice is a young girl who is jealous of her little sister Karen who is about to receive her first communion. With all the attention her sister is getting, Alice starts misbehaving, such as frightening the priest’s housekeeper Mrs Tredoni with a creepy translucent mask, and also luring her sister into an abandoned building and locking her there to scare her.

When young Karen is killed by someone wearing a yellow raincoat and translucent mask, the finger is pointed at Alice. When Annie, Alice’s aunt is attacked by a knife-wielding assailant, she accuses Alice of being the killer which send the young girl into psychiatric care. When the murders keep happening, the race is on to find the real killer. If you want the look of the creepy killer from Alice, Sweet Alice, you’ll need a Yellow Raincoat, Nightgown, Multi-Colored Mask, White Gloves and of course your trusty Fake Knife.

Alice, Sweet Alice Cosplay Costumes

While Alice, Sweet Alice may not be known quite so well as other classic horror films, it has definitely developed a strong cult following and was one of the earlier incarnations of the modern-day slasher film. Many other popular thrillers also credit the film as inspiration. Horror fans are going to have no trouble recognizing you with the super-creepy mask of the killer, not to mention the trademark yellow raincoat.

Especially around Halloween, everybody is always looking for an original costume. Something different to separate themselves from the never-ending parade of Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, Ghostface and Freddy Krueger costumes. With this awesome Alice, Sweet Alice outfit you’re bound to get some cred for doing your homework and finding a classic horror film that only the true fans will be aware of. It’s not all about competition, but we do have a Halloween Costume Competition, so submit some photos of your scariest Alice outfit!

About Alice, Sweet Alice

Alice, Sweet Alice is a thriller, slasher and murder mystery film all in one. First released in 1976, the film has grown a cult following today and is recognized as one of the earliest slasher films. Put it this way – with the whole masked killer idea, it’s hard to imagine we would have a Scream franchise today without films like Alice, Sweet Alice.

Alice herself is a young girl who gets blamed for the brutal murder of her own sister. She was jealous, after all, at the attention her younger sibling was receiving because of her upcoming first communion. The day before the killing, Alice did lock her in an abandoned building to scare her, so when another attempted murder occurs by a person in a raincoat and creepy mask, Alice is locked up in a psychiatric ward. But little does everyone know, Alice isn’t the killer at all, and they must now find the true identity of the killer behind the mask.

Alice, Sweet Alice

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