How to Dress Like Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland Costume Guide
Black Rabbit Ear Wired Hair Tie Bow
Blonde Lush Layers Wig
White Lady's Aprons
Vintage Style Pastel Blue Swing Dress
Drink Me Bottle Necklace
Skechers Mary Jane Dress Pump
Knee-Length White Petticoat
Ultra Soft White Transition Tight

Best Alice in Wonderland Costume Guide

Dress up in a costume like Alice from Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland before chasing down the White Rabbit. There’s no better way to celebrate your unbirthday with the Mad Hatter than to look the part. Get Alice’s look with a Vintage Style Pastel Blue Swing Dress, Knee-Length White Petticoat, Ultra Soft White Transition Tight, and a pair of Skechers Mary Jane Dress Pumps. Look your very best for the Queen of Hearts by adding a Blonde Lush Layers Wig, Black Rabbit Ear Wired Hair Tie Bow, White Lady’s Apron, and Drink Me Bottle Necklace.

Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Costumes

A rather popular character to cosplay as, Alice from the Disney movie, Alice In Wonderland is definitely the perfect choice for you if you desire to become a whimsical character. Cosplay alongside the Mad Hatter or White Rabbit and you’ll surely get people talking about your amazing group cosplay. You’ll first need a blonde wig if your hair isn’t already blonde and a little black bow tie for your hair. You’ll next need a blue vintage dress along with a white apron to tie over the top of it and also a white petticoat to put underneath it. Pair your dress with some white tights and black mary janes to pull together the look of Alice. The last thing you’ll need before jumping into the rabbit hole is a “drink me bottle” necklace and you’ll be good to go. Show us what you come up with your Alice cosplay; we’d love to feature it in our photos!

About Alice in Wonderland

Alice is the seventeen-year-old protagonist of Alice in Wonderland who happens to come from a wealthy English family. She’s a graceful and well-spoken girl and she is someone who takes joy in having the world feel orderly and stable. She eventually stumbles across Wonderland and her curiosity causes her to fall down the rabbit hole and explore what it has to offer her.

Wonderland offers her a new perspective on herself when it challenges everything she once knew about her world. Alice has very strong views on what she believes her world is actually like and when Wonderland challenges that by disrupting the stability of it, she starts to question herself and everything she knows. It’s a good learning lesson for her though as she grows as a person after visiting Wonderland learning new perspectives and lessons of life. It’s easy to see what Alice is such a popular character in this beloved story.

Alice in Wonderland

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