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Alice Angel Costume Guide
Full Body Suit
Halo Headband
Off The Shoulder Dress
Bow Tie
Devil Horns
Arm Sleeves
Face Paint
Dress Pumps

Best Alice Angel Halloween Costume Guide

Alice Angel is a character from the survival video game series Bendy and the Ink Machine. One of many characters from a 1966 cartoon series, Alice comes back to life in this video game where the player must fight what appears to be demonic incarnations of characters created by cartoonist Joey Drew 30 years ago.

Alice is shown to have a talent for singing and dancing, and appears as a reasonably happy character, but just like her appearance which has both a halo and devil horns, Alice also has a dark side, with ‘Evil Alice’ making an appearance in later chapters of the game. If you want to become the singing and dancing cartoon from Bendy and the Ink Machine, you’ll need a Full Body Suit, Face Paint, Devil Horns, Halo Headband, Off the Shoulder Dress, Bow Tie, Arm Sleeves and Dress Pumps.

Alice Angel Cosplay Costumes

Bendy and the Ink Machine is certainly one of the more obscure video games out there, and that’s what we love about it! It’s a little bit creepy, but a lot of fun, partly because of the upbeat and zany characters like Alice Angel. Her outfit is sort of modeled on the old Betty Boop cartoon, and she definitely has that cool 1930’s style. Plus, this costume lets you be a little bit naughty and a little bit nice all at the same time.

So what are you waiting for, get your devil horns, halo, and cool little Alice Angel outfit and head out ready for some fun. Sing and dance just like Alice would! But don’t behave like Evil Alice. You still want to keep your friends. Maybe they’d like to join you as some other cool characters from the game like Bendy and Boris!

About Alice Angel

Alice Angel is a fictional character from the warped video game Bendy and the Ink Machine. The game follows Henry, a former animator who gets invited back to Joey Drew Studios where he used to work 30 years before. He comes across the Ink Machine and tries to get it working again, but soon discovers he is trapped in a nightmare world full of old characters created by the machine.

Alice Angel is one of those characters who had appeared in cartoons years before, voiced by an actor named Susie Campbell. Susie had always claimed to have a special link to her character, and it is implied that when a psychotic, evil version of Alice appears, it is actually Susie herself, transformed into a strange hybrid with the character she voiced so many years ago. Alice though, is known as a fun character from the original cartoons, who loves to sing and dance.

Alice Angel

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