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Best Ali G Costume Guide

Before UK comedian Sacha Baron Cohen was taking pot shots at America as Borat on Who Is America, he was making his mark on the TV world as wannabe gangsta rapper, Ali G. Alistair Leslie Graham, better known as Ali G, is the fictional character created by Cohen who appeared on Da Ali G Show. Ali G would conduct interviews with unsuspecting guests who believed the Ali G character was real. He is characterized as a middle-class young man who is heavily influenced by hip-hop and Jamaican culture, yet speaks in a hip-hop inspired dialect masquerading as if he were raised in the ghetto. Get the look of the hilarious interviewer with this Ali G costume guide.

Cosplay your way into Sacha Baron Cohen’s breakout character with a Rap Star Mustache, Ali G Suit, Dollar Ring, Neck Chain, Silver Ring, Sport Wrap Glasses and Red Dome Cap.

Ali G Cosplay Costumes

Ali G has been all over UK television screens since 2000 and was subsequently picked up by HBO in the US in 2003 with Da Ali G Show. Fans of this comedian would be, to quote Ali G, “well familiar” with his style and would love the chance to dress as “Da West Staines Massif.” To cosplay Ali G, you’ll need an exaggerated hip-hop inspired look. Sacha Baron Cohen has proven himself as a wonderful character actor, able to fool people from all walks of life into thinking his characters are real.

Why not get a few friends together and try dressing as his eclectic mix of characters such as Borat and Bruno, or some of his odd-ball stereotypes from Who Is America—Erran Morrad, BillyWayne Ruddick Jr, Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello, Rick Sherman, Italian playboy Gio Monaldo, or Finnish YouTube star OMGWhizzBoyOMG! Maybe you just want to attend a party with a friend dressed as Donald Trump, and re-enact the time Ali G tricked him in an interview!

Ali G Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the comedic world of Ali G, the fictional character created by Sacha Baron Cohen, with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Known for his distinctive and outrageous style, Ali G is a popular choice for those looking to make a bold statement at parties, events, or for fans of the character’s satirical humor. Our guide covers all you need to know to nail his unique look, from the tracksuit to the accessories.

Ali G's signature style includes a bright-colored tracksuit, often yellow or another vibrant color, a matching cap, large tinted sunglasses, and chunky gold jewelry such as chains and rings. Don't forget his distinctive goatee and the exaggerated use of hand gestures and slang in his demeanor.

Look for a brightly colored, velour or polyester tracksuit. The tracksuit is typically a single color, such as yellow, with contrasting stripes or accents. The jacket should be zip-up, and the pants should be loose-fitting. This is the centerpiece of the Ali G costume.

Ali G often wears large, oval or round tinted sunglasses, usually in yellow to match his tracksuit. For the hat, choose a matching baseball cap, preferably in the same color as the tracksuit, worn with the peak turned slightly to the side.

Accessories are key to Ali G's look. This includes chunky gold necklaces, large rings, and a gold-colored wristwatch. Adding a fake goatee and styling your hair slicked back or wearing a skull cap if you're not able to replicate his hairstyle will complete the look.

Ali G is known for his humorous and often nonsensical sayings. Here are some quotes to include: "Aiiiight.," "Booyakasha!," "Is it 'cos I is black?," "Respek." and "Me woz wonderin'..." These quotes, combined with a mock British-Jamaican accent and a confident, oblivious demeanor, will help you capture the essence of Ali G's character.

About Ali G

Ali G, whose real name Alistair Leslie Graham, is a fictional character created by UK comedian and TV star Sacha Baron Cohen. The character is a parody of middle-class British youth who desperately tries to adopt a persona influenced by hip-hop and urban culture. He stars in his own show, Da Ali G Show, in which he interviews a wide variety of guests who believe his character is real, and in almost all cases shows his ignorance and lack of decorum. The character even reached the big screen in the feature film Ali G Indahouse.

Ali G is known for his use of an urban dialect, drawing heavily on Jamaican influences in his speech and hip-hop influence in his dress. His character has effectively been retired since 2007, however, he did return in 2012 to accept an award on Baron Cohen’s behalf at the British Comedy Awards.

Ali G

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