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Best Alexander Hamilton Costume Guide

Alexander Hamilton is the main character in the award-winning Broadway musical, Hamilton. It depicts the life of an orphaned immigrant from Nevis, a Caribbean island in the West Indies region. According to history, Alexander’s father left him and his mother, who passed away when he was just 12-years-old. Alexander moved in with a cousin, who later committed suicide. With no one else to turn, Alexander was left to fend for himself. Alexander eventually reached New York City, where he met Elizabeth Shcuyler whom he married. He joined the revolution and became George Washington’s secretary. Alexander was sent home upon Washington’s orders for disobeying his superior, but was ultimately brought back to assist with ending the Battle of Yorktown.

Dress like the historic US statesman with this Alexander Hamilton costume guide. Be ready to step out on the stage dressed as Hamilton with a royal blue coat and knickers pants. Then, accessorize the revolutionary costume with a Ponytail Wig, Black Goatee, Black Belt, and Toy Sword.

Alexander Hamilton Cosplay Costumes

Become a famous statesman by cosplaying Alexander Hamilton at your next costume party. If you fancy dressing up like a revolutionary gentleman complete with the ponytail wig, this is the right costume for you. Look dashing and dapper with a royal blue coat accented with silver buttons and a wide collar. The knickers are surprisingly comfortable, along with a pair of knee-high black boots.

Accessories make the man—a black belt where you you can slip in the sword and the black goatee that will make you look as dignified as you are supposed to be. Now if you actually have a real goatee, then no need for the fake. What will make this even better is one of your friends willing to dress up like royalty dressed as King George. Together, you will create quite the dashing pair at a [Halloween] costume party!

About Alexander Hamilton

After the war, Alexander Hamilton became the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America. While he was in New York, Alexander met Maria Reynolds, with whom he had an affair. Maria seduced Alexander with stories of her being mistreated by her husband, James Reynolds. James ultimately finds out about the affair and blackmails Alexander, demanding money. Alexander paid James, who promises not to tell about the affair. Alexander continues the affair with Maria after giving him payment.

His eldest child, Philip, died from mortal wounds from a duel with George Eacker. Hamilton ultimate meets the same fate when challenged to a duel by Aaron Burr. Hamilton was played by Lin Manuel-Miranda, who also produced, wrote, and composed the Broadway musical. It was supposed to be released in theaters on October 2021, but was released digitally on Disney+ due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alexander Hamilton

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