How to Dress Like Albert Wesker

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Black Leather Trench Coat
Genuine Leather Gloves
Metal Wire Frame Glasses
Zip-up Slim Quilted Vest
Turtleneck Long Sleeve Shirt
Black Pants
Military Web Belt
Rain Boots
Albert Wesker Cosplay Outfit

Best Albert Wesker Costume Guide

Capcom’s Resident Evil is one of the most popular role-playing video games and now film franchises. You can’t have a game like Resident Evil without a relentless villain like Albert Wesker. Wesker made his first appearance in the original Resident Evil video game, and he continues to make appearances in the subsequent games. Seeking domination over the human race for his own gain, Albert Wesker is a researcher with the Umbrella Corporation, an undercover officer in the R.P.D., and the leader of S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City. Dress up as the Resident Evil villain with this Albert Wesker costume guide.

Cosplay Albert Wesker’s evil look with a Black Leather Trench Coat, Turtleneck Long Sleeve Shirt, Zip-up Slim Quilted Vest, Black Pants, and Rain Boots. Don’t forget Wesker’s outfit accessories. Slip on a pair of Genuine Leather Gloves, Metal Wire Frame Glasses, and a Military Web Belt.

Albert Wesker Cosplay Costumes

Albert Wesker from Capcom’s Resident Evil video game franchise is on the darker side of cosplay, but this villain is a fun costume to recreate. Wesker definitely has the look and feel of a bad guy, but it can be an easy costume to put together on your own. You may already have some of the costume pieces like the turtleneck shirt, black quilted vest, sunglasses, gloves, black pants, and black rain boots in your closet. But, you certainly can’t pass for Albert Wesker without a black trench coat. You will do the best ordering that online along with the military web belt.

Resident Evil is a popular video game, so you can quickly turn this one-man costume into a group cosplay! Get a couple friends to dress as Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield to expand the Resident Evil theme. We want to see your look after following this costume guide! Send us a picture with your Albert Wesker cosplay for it to be posted in the cosplay gallery.

Albert Wesker Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the enigmatic and formidable Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil game series with this costume guide FAQ. Known for his cool demeanor and sinister motives, Wesker’s distinctive look is a favorite among fans. This guide will help you capture the essence of his character through costume details and styling tips.

Albert Wesker's signature look includes a black long-sleeve tactical shirt, black combat pants, and black military-style boots. His outfit is often accented with a tactical utility belt, black leather gloves, and a black trench coat with red inner lining for certain appearances. The most iconic part of his outfit is his slicked-back blonde hair and dark sunglasses, which he almost always wears.

Wesker has blonde hair that is slicked back. To achieve this, you can use hair gel or wax on your natural hair or a blonde wig. For makeup, focus on a pale, almost emotionless facial appearance. His look is typically sharp and clean, so minimal makeup is needed, perhaps just a bit of foundation for an even skin tone.

The most crucial accessory for a Wesker costume is his signature sunglasses with black frames and dark lenses. Other accessories include a shoulder holster for his handgun and a set of combat gear like a tactical vest, depending on the specific game version you're replicating.

Albert Wesker is known for his calm, controlled demeanor and confident posture. When portraying him, maintain a straight, commanding posture. He often has a cold, calculating expression and a slow, deliberate way of moving, reflecting his sinister and intelligent character.

To fully embody Wesker, you might include some of his memorable quotes: "The right to be a god... That right is now mine.," "Every day, humans come one step closer to self-destruction. I'm not destroying the world, I'm saving it.," "Complete global saturation.," "There's no point in hiding." and "You're merely postponing the inevitable." These quotes reflect Wesker's god-complex, his views on humanity, and his chilling confidence, enhancing the authenticity of your portrayal.

About Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker is the most well-known villain from the Resident Evil video game and movie franchise. He appeared in the original game as the leader and creator of the Raccoon Police Department’s S.T.A.R.S. unit. Wesker has some dark motives that most people didn’t realize. He helped complete research on the T-Virus for over 13 years and later killed his own mentor to steal his research.

Wesker has no loyalty to anyone other than himself, and he enjoys playing both sides of the war in the game. He will sell scientific samples to either group, but no one has any idea he’s fooling both groups. Not only is he an intelligent man, but he is proficient in martial arts and weaponry. Wesker has some mutations to his body that gave him superhuman strength, agility, and regenerative abilities. The is one supervillain you don’t want to mess with!

Albert Wesker

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