How to Dress Like Alan Garner from The Hangover

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Alan Garner Costume Guide
Human Tree T-Shirt
Tan Pants
Wig and Beard
Man Purse
Baby Doll
Baby Carrier
Aviator Glasses
White Dad Sneakers

Best Alan Garner Costume Guide

Alan Garner is one of the main characters in the hit movie franchise, The Hangover. He is played by the hilarious actor Zach Galifianakis in a role which propelled him into the mainstream following this performance. Alan is an awkward character who lacks social skills, has ADHD, and generally behaves in a very childish manner. He is the soon-to-be brother in law of Doug Billings and heads to Las Vegas for the bachelor party with a couple of Doug’s friends. He is a bit of a loner and doesn’t really have any friends. He isn’t particularly welcome at the bachelor party either but ends up there so Doug can keep his fiancée happy.

If you want to cosplay one of The Hangover’s most popular characters, Alan Garner, you’ll need a pair of White Dad Sneakers, a Human Tree T-Shirt, Tan pants, Wig and Beard, and Aviator Glasses. Accessorize at the prepared dad with a Baby Carrier, Baby Doll, and Man Purse.

Alan Garner Cosplay Costumes

Alan, played by Zach Galifianakis, may not be a popular guy, but he is certainly grateful to be invited to Doug’s bachelor weekend. So much so, that he considers them to be his “Wolf Pack.” Being a lonely man, he cherishes his new friends even if he has an unconventional way of showing it. Alan is a dedicated dad. Aside from his awkward dad combo made up of a Human Tree T-Shirt, Tan Pants, and White Dad Sneakers, Alan also totes around a man purse as well as a front-facing baby carrier. One key detail of Zach Galifianakis in the movie is the bushy Wig and Beard.

If you’re going to dress as Alan Garner, you’re will absolutely need a Wolf Pack of your own. Make sure you have some friends to join you dressed as Phil Wenneck, Stu Price, or Doug Billings. Maybe even Alan’s new friend, Leslie Chow, who is another hugely popular secondary character in this movie franchise.

About Alan Garner

Alan Garner is a fictional character played by Zach Galifianakis in the hugely successful film franchise, The Hangover. Alan’s sister Tracy is getting married to Doug Billings. When it comes time for the bachelor party weekend, Tracy wants to make sure he is included in the festivities. Doug begrudgingly brings him along on the trip to Vegas with his friends Stu and Phil. However, it becomes very clear early on that Alan operates on a different level to the rest of the crew.

He is characterized as having ADHD and being completely socially inept. He struggles to deal with his own feelings and doesn’t know how to express himself. This leads to sudden outbursts of anger or sadness. He is a still a lovable character, however, and has certainly been a big hit with fans of the movie despite, or maybe because of, his hilarious social awkwardness.

Alan Garner

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