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Akuma Costume
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Best Akuma Costume Guide

The Great Demon of the Capcom video game Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Akuma is a character that made quite the entrance as a secret character and hidden boss. With his sharp fangs, red hair, and matching red eyes, he’s a video game character that makes a great costume for cosplay if you’re looking for a character a bit more intimidating. After fighting your way through the game, Akuma appears just before the final match with fellow fighter, M. Bison. Get the look of the Street Fighter character with this Akuma costume guide.

To cosplay Akuma’s look, you’ll need an Akuma costume. Once you have that covered, you’ll still need all the accessorize to pull the entire look together. Get all the accessories you need with a bead necklace, hemp rope, and sandal slippers.

Akuma Cosplay Costumes

Akuma is a recurring antagonist in the Street Fighter video game series. He’s an extremely powerful warrior whose main goal is mastering the Satsui no Hado. He shows nearly no emotion even in the worst situations. If you’re having trouble finding the full costume set for Akuma, you can try finding the individual pieces in stores around you. You’ll need a blue t-shirt which you can modify by cutting off the sleeves and cutting open the neck of the shirt to expose the torso. You’ll also need a pair of matching blue baggy pants with a rope belt to bring the outfit together. For the hair, you can either dye your own hair or find a wig similar to Akuma’s hair and style it similarly.

If you want to incorporate Akuma into a group costume, you can easily find friends willing to dress as other Street Fighter characters like Cammy, E.Honda, Guile, Sagat, and Chun-Li. Maybe even stage a fake fight between the characters. We’d love to see what you come by following this Akuma costume guide. Send over a few photos so we can feature in the cosplay gallery.

About Akuma

Akuma was born in Japan but when he was born is still unknown. He’s cold and ruthless caring only about further honing his fighting skills while challenging his foes. Except for the sudden bursts of anger he shows from time to time, Akuma shows practically no emotion or mercy towards those he’s fighting against in the video game Super Street Fighter II Turbo. He takes his training quite seriously and if you get in his way, Akuna will deal with you brutally.

The street fighter refers to himself at times as the “denizen of hell” along with with other names that are thought to be the result of the Satsui no Hado taking a toll on his mind. Akuma usually abides by the code of the warrior and simply fights to improve his skills. But in some instances he’ll do it to gauge the ability of others.


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