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Agnes Gru Costume Guide
Women's Denim Shortall
Kensie Women's Shortall
Red Satin Hair Scrunchie
TRESemme Extra Hold Hair Spray
Despicable Me Plush Unicorn
Solid Yellow Socks
Classic White Velcro Sneakers

Best Agnes Gru Costume Guide

Dress up like Agnes Gru, the youngest of Gru and Lucy’s three adopted daughters from the movie Despicable Me. Agnes, who joins her sisters Margo and Edith, adores unicorns and is often seen with her ponytail sticking straight up! Look like Agnes Gru this Halloween with a Cotton Crewneck Striped T-Shirt, Kensie Women’s Shortall, Basic Solid Beige Socks, and Classic White Velcro Sneakers. Complete Agnes’ adorable look with a Despicable Me Plush Unicorn, Red Satin Hair Scrunchie, and TRESemme Extra Hold Hair Spray to keep that ponytail sticking straight up!


Agnes Gru Cosplay Costumes

In 2010, Dreamworks released their box office hit “Despicable Me.” The movie tells the story of Gru, a supervillain who winds up adopting three orphaned sisters and giving up his life of crime to be a father. While the audience’s loved Gru’s adopted daughters, Agnes was by far the fan favorite. The youngest of the three sisters, Agnes’s adorable personality makes her perfect for cosplayers who want to dress up as a beloved and instantly recognizable character. Simply start with a striped T-shirt and add a pair of overalls and sneakers. Agnes’s most distinguishing feature is her ponytail which sticks straight up. Have your friends join in with your costume by dressing as Agnes’s sisters Edith and Margo, or they can go as Gru or the Minions.

About Agnes Gru

Agnes has a sweet and innocent personality, and she was the first of her sisters to truly trust and care for Gru after they were first adopted. It is arguably her devotion to Gru that sets about his desire to give up crime and be a better parent. Agnes loves anything fluffy, including Gru’s mutant “dog” Kyle. Agnes adores unicorns and often says she wishes she could have one for a pet. Be sure to check out our website for pictures to inspire your Agnes costume, and don’t forget to upload your distinguishing pictures to our gallery!

Agnes Gru

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