How to Dress Like Agent Tequila

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Lined Denim Jacket
Wool Cowboy Hat
Rugged Relaxed Jeans
Solid Long Sleeve Shirt
Polarized Aviator Sunglasses
Saddlery Kid's Lariat
Smoky Mountain Boots
Classic Thin Wrist Watch
Flask Belt Buckle

Best Agent Tequila Costume Guide

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the 2017 sequel to the 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service. Harry, Merlin, and Eggsy are back, but in the United States with an entirely different agenda. And now Agent Tequila has been added the crew! Agent Tequila, played by Channing Tatum, is the cowboy in the group. Don’t let his southern drawl fool you, he knows his way around a shotgun. Get the look of the Statesman secret agent with this Agent Tequila costume guide.

Cosplay Agent Tequila’s country style with a Solid Long Sleeve Shirt, Lined Denim Jacket, Cowboy Hat, Classic Regular Fit Jeans, and a pair of Smoky Mountain Boots. He carries around a Saddlery Kid’s Lariat, wears a pair of Polarized Aviator Sunglasses, and drinks from his handy Steel Flask Belt Buckle.

Agent Tequila Cosplay Costumes

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a character with a name as cool as Agent Tequila? This cool character from the Kingsmen movies is a pretty easy costume to throw together. For the solid shirt and pants, you most likely already have something similar in your closet. For the rest of Agent Tequila’s cowboy look, you can find most items online like his cowboy boots, steel flask, and those cool aviator sunglasses he frequently wears.

There are tons of other characters that work alongside Agent Tequila, so grab a few friends to turn this lonesome swaggering cowboy into a group of spies! Get your friends to dress as Ginger, Agent Whiskey, and Eggsy—now you’re ready to take on global threats like Richmond Valentine! After you dress up as Agent Tequila using this costume guide, submit a picture for others to see!

Agent Tequila Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the suave and dynamic world of Agent Tequila from the 2017 film “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” with our engaging costume guide FAQ. Perfect for fans who admire this charismatic Statesman’s style, our guide provides detailed insights into recreating Agent Tequila’s distinctive Western-meets-spy look, ensuring your cosplay resonates with both authenticity and flair.

Agent Tequila, portrayed by Channing Tatum, has a unique style that blends traditional Western attire with a modern spy look. His outfit typically includes a denim jacket, a Statesman cowboy hat, a patterned necktie or bandana, a Western-style belt with a large buckle, and cowboy boots. Additionally, he wears a crisp white shirt and sometimes sports a leather waistcoat over the shirt.

Agent Tequila's cowboy hat is a defining element of his costume. Look for a high-quality, wide-brimmed cowboy hat, preferably in a light tan or beige color. Pay attention to the shape of the brim and crown to match his style. For added authenticity, you can customize the hat with a Statesman logo or a similar emblem.

Choose a denim jacket that’s a medium to light blue, with a fitted but comfortable cut. The jacket should have a classic look, possibly with some weathering or a vintage feel to give it character. Remember, the jacket shouldn't be too bulky or oversized, as it needs to complement the overall sleekness of the character's style.

Besides the cowboy hat and belt buckle, consider including Agent Tequila's signature aviator sunglasses and a replica of his weapon - a lasso or a whip, in line with his Western theme. For an added touch, a replica of a Statesman secret service badge or a flask can also contribute to the authenticity of the costume.

Agent Tequila is known for his confident and slightly cocky demeanor. Some memorable quotes include: "I'm Agent Tequila.," "Welcome to Statesman.," "As your American cousins, we'll be working side by side." and "Let's get started." Adopting a confident posture, a charming smile, and perhaps practicing a Southern American accent can help you embody the character more fully.

About Agent Tequila

Agent Tequila is part of the new crew in the Kingsman: The Golden Circle film and is unlike the other characters from the original movie,Kingsman: The Secret Service. In the sequel, the Kingsman headquarters is under attack and agents must find refuge. Fortunately, they find an allied spy organization in the United States. This group of spies is completely different than the Kingsman with their headquarters located in a distillery—this is how Agent Tequila got his name.

Agent Tequila is said to have been a rodeo clown in his former life. But now the cowboy knows his way around a shotgun better than most. He is thrilled to be a part of the team and puts his spy talents to good use. Tequila and the rest of the crew have to come together with the Kingsman to defeat their new found common enemy. Sometimes complete opposites come together to make the best teams.

Agent Tequila

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