How to Dress Like Agent 47 (Hitman)

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Black One Button Blazer
Black Leather Belt
Black Flat Front Pants
White Dress Shirt
Burgundy Tie
Black Leather Fingerless Gloves
Barcode Tattoo
Black Toy Pistol
Black Dress Shoes

Best Agent 47 (Hitman) Costume Guide

The character Agent 47 has been portrayed in multiple media outlets since first appearing as a character in the video game Hitman: Codename 47 back in 2000. The most notable appearance though, was in the 2015 film titled Hitman: Agent 47, where he was played by Rupert Friend. The character consistently keeps the same appearance, however, the backstory changes slightly. For example, Agent 47 was originally a cloned assassin for hire, but in the 2015 film, he is a genetically engineered super-soldier that works as an assassin. Get the look of the sharply dressed assassin with this Agent 47 (Hitman) costume guide.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to look the part of Agent 47, here’s what you’ll need: a White Dress Shirt, Burgundy Tie, Black One-Button Blazer, Black Flat Front Pants, Black Leather Belt, and a pair of Black Dress Shoes. Take the look to the next level with a Barcode Tattoo, Black Leather Fingerless Gloves, and a Black Toy Pistol.

Agent 47 (Hitman) Cosplay Costumes

Since 2000, Hitman has appeared in several video game adaptions, a 2007 movie where Agent 47 was played by Timothy Olyphant, and a 2015 film where Agent 47 was played by Rupert Friend. No matter where Agent 47 is, he is always wearing the same familiar outfit. The bald head, black suit, white shirt, and red tie make this famous character instantly recognizable and easy to cosplay. And while not unique to just Agent 47, he’s probably the character most people will think of!

Plenty of bad guys has come up against Agent 47 over the years, but the life of an assassin is more of a solo gig. You don’t need anybody else cramping your style when you step out as this hitman. There’s nothing scarier than a guy who can blend into a crowd and kill you while lurking in the shadows, so Agent 47 could be a great costume for this Halloween!

Agent 47 (Hitman) Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the world of espionage and stealth with our Agent 47 costume guide FAQ, inspired by the renowned protagonist of the “Hitman” video game series. This guide is crafted for fans who wish to replicate the iconic look of the master assassin, perfect for cosplay events, gaming conventions, or themed parties where a touch of mystery and danger is desired.

Agent 47's outfit is iconic in its simplicity and effectiveness. The key components include a well-tailored black suit with a white dress shirt and a red tie. His look is completed with black leather gloves, a bald cap (unless you're naturally bald), and black dress shoes. The outfit's clean and professional appearance is a hallmark of Agent 47's efficient and precise character.

Agent 47 is famously known for the barcode tattoo on the back of his head. You can replicate this by using temporary tattoo paper to print a barcode design, or by carefully drawing it with a skin-safe marker. The barcode is a crucial element to make the costume recognizable as Agent 47.

Choose a black suit that is well-fitted and sleek. The suit should include a two-button jacket and flat-front trousers. It's important that the suit is not overly flashy; Agent 47's attire is meant to blend in while maintaining a sharp, professional look.

A great prop to include is a toy replica of Agent 47's signature weapon, a silenced pistol, which should be carried in a discreet manner. Other props like a fiber wire or a briefcase can add to the authenticity of the costume. Remember to ensure that any prop weapons are clearly fake and follow the guidelines of the event you are attending.

Agent 47 is known for his stoic demeanor and rarely speaks more than necessary, but incorporating quotes can add depth to your portrayal. A few notable lines include: "I always fulfill my contracts, one way or another.," "Names are for friends, so I don't need one." and "I am what I've become. A killer. Nothing more, nothing less." Using these quotes can bring an extra layer of authenticity to your costume, capturing the essence of Agent 47's character: a professional who is meticulous, efficient, and detached.

About Agent 47 (Hitman)

In the 2015 film adaption of the story Hitman: Agent 47, everyone’s favorite killer-for-hire is played by Rupert Friend. In the movie, Agent 47 works as a contract killer while trying to track down the daughter of the scientist who engineered him years before. The scientist ultimately fleed from the project. The scientist’s daughter, Katia, is taken by men offering her protection from a man, known as 47, who is trying to kill her. When Agent 47 finally finds her, he reveals the truth that he is also an agent from the same program that genetically created him–only far more advanced.

The pair joins forces to find Katia’s father. Their goal is to bring down the evil agency trying to use the technology to turn agents, like 47, into soldiers to fight a war. In November 2018, a seventh video game in the Hitman franchise will be released. Though created back in 2000, Hitman shows no sign of wavering in popularity.

Agent 47 (Hitman)

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