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Best Vault Dweller Costume Guide

Not everyone could handle the drastic choices that a Vault Dweller must make on a regular basis. Even when making decisions to save his homeland, he is exiled for one reason or another. The popular post-apocalyptic video game, Fallout, was created in 1997 and now many other series have been spun off based off of this classic game. The main character of the game and killer of the Master is played through you as you choose to control him. Get the Vault Dweller’s look with this complete costume guide.

The Vault Dweller is always seen wearing a particular outfit throughout Fallout, and that includes a blue Vault Dweller Costume, a Vault 111 Patch, Fallout Chain Pocket Watch with 111 engraved on it, a Black Utility Belt, and a pair of Black Waterproof Boots.

Vault Dweller Cosplay Costumes

The Vault Dweller’s clothing is simple, yet it makes a statement to signify the importance of the character. Since this outfit does have a feeling of simplicity, it can easily be recreated for a cosplay costume. You can find the Vault Dweller costume online, or a blue sweatshirt and sweatpants could easily be creatively turned into a Vault Dweller’s suit. Add a utility belt to break up the pieces and bring a more tactical style to the look.

Make sure to add a Vault 111 patch to show you are a true Vault Dweller, and find a matching pocket watch. The Vault Dweller can also be seen wearing black waterproof boots for any terrain he may come across. Check out the other Vault Dweller costumes that have been recreated in the cosplay photo gallery for a few more ideas to complete this costume. Once you cosplay this look, send us a picture so we can display your Vault Dweller costume!

Vault Dweller Costume Tips & FAQs

Prepare to step into the post-apocalyptic world of “Fallout” with our costume guide FAQ for the Vault Dweller, the iconic protagonist known for their survival skills and distinctive blue and yellow jumpsuit. Whether you’re exploring a Wasteland cosplay event, attending a gaming convention, or just celebrating the rich world of “Fallout,” this guide will cover the essential elements to create an authentic Vault Dweller costume, capturing the essence of life in the Vault and beyond.

A Vault Dweller's outfit is centered around the iconic blue and yellow jumpsuit, marked with the number of their Vault (commonly 101 or 111). The jumpsuit is typically equipped with utility pockets and a belt. Accessories may include a Pip-Boy device on the arm, sturdy boots, and possibly a backpack or satchel for carrying supplies. The look is completed with dog tags and optional props like toy weapons or a Vault-Tec lunchbox.

The Pip-Boy is a signature accessory for a Vault Dweller. You can create a DIY Pip-Boy with materials like foam, cardboard, and paint, or use a pre-made Pip-Boy replica. There are also printable templates available online for a more authentic look.

Vault Dwellers wear sturdy, practical boots suitable for traversing the Wasteland. Opt for boots that are rugged and weathered, in dark colors like black or brown, to match the post-apocalyptic setting.

Besides the Pip-Boy, other accessories can include dog tags, a utility belt with pouches, a backpack or satchel, and toy weapons like laser pistols or rifles. Weathering these items to look worn and used will add to the authenticity of the costume.

As the player character, Vault Dwellers have varied dialogue options, but embodying the spirit of "Fallout" includes: Adopting a wary, survivalist demeanor, Mimicking actions like checking the Pip-Boy or scanning the horizon for danger, Using phrases like, "War... war never changes," or "Another settlement needs our help.," Displaying traits of bravery, resourcefulness, and adaptability. and Pretending to interact with other Wasteland inhabitants or creatures. These actions and phrases capture the essence of the Vault Dweller's experience in the "Fallout" series, enhancing your portrayal of this adaptable survivor.

About Vault Dweller

Vault Dwellers are known as the player character from the video game Fallout. In the game, the Vault Dwellers are sent out on missions to protect their home by the Vault Overseer. Vault 13’s Overseer sent the Vault Dweller on a mission to retrieve a water chip to replace the one that was broken in their vault. Along the journey, the Vault Dweller came to realize there is a mutant overpopulation. His job is now to find and destroy the mutants and where they are being created.

The Vault Dweller goes on the mission to find the mutants creation location and the military base where this is happening. At this base, humans are being dunked into a solution called the Forced Evolutionary Virus that is morphing them into mutants. By destroying both the mutants and the base, The Vault Dweller saved humankind, but he is faced with other troubles when he returns to Vault 13…

Vault Dweller

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