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Best 2B Costume Guide

YoRHa No.2 Type B, or simply 2B, is a female android and the first playable character in the action role-playing video game, NieR: Automata. The game takes place in the year 11945, and 2B is deployed to the Factory to eliminate a target. She does so with the support of 9S, a scanner-type male android, and the second playable character in NieR: Automata. Goliath wheels attack 2B as she makes her way through the facility. 9S joins the fight to help out 2B and becomes mortally wounded. After 2B manages to destroy the target, she reunites with 9S, only to discover they are up against even more Goliaths. They are forced to detonate their black boxes to obliterate the enemies. What became of the players after that was left unknown.

Dress up like the powerful female android with this 2B costume guide. Get the look of the complete look with a 2B Costume, Blindfold, White Wig, and Black Heeled Boots. The Toy Sword will serve as your primary weapon of choice.

2B Cosplay Costumes

YoRHa No.2 Type B, or 2B for short, was created by humans who avoided extinction on Earth by fleeing to the Moon. She is an all-purpose battle android and was made to serve as one of the Scanner models during YoRHa’s war against the machines. On the outside, B2 is a no-nonsense combat android who respect the chain of command and does not appreciate idle chatter on silly topics. Deep inside, B2 is actually a very kind person and at times prone to slip out of her emotionless guise. Her appearance is striking with silvery-white hair and gray-blue eyes.

2B’s gothic-style consists of a short dress with a flared skirt, long puffy sleeves, and embroidery on the hem of her skirt. She wears a pair of black boots over sheer black stockings. If your eyes are not a distinct gray-blue to match 2B, you can wear contacts to match B2’s natural eye color.

2B Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey through the beautifully dystopian world of “NieR: Automata” with our costume guide FAQ for YoRHa No. 2 Type B, or 2B, the enigmatic and powerful android protagonist. Known for her sleek design and combat prowess, 2B’s appearance combines the aesthetics of futuristic technology with a touch of Gothic elegance. This guide will assist you in recreating 2B’s iconic look, ensuring your portrayal captures the essence of her character and the game’s unique atmosphere.

2B's costume includes a black, form-fitting dress with silver accents and a white petticoat underneath. Key accessories include a blindfold visor, long white gloves, thigh-high black boots with heels, and a black bow in her hair. Her ensemble is completed with a small, white sword and a larger, more ornate sword, reflecting her role as a combat android.

For 2B's dress, look for a sleeveless, black bodysuit or leotard as the base, and add a layered, white skirt or petticoat to achieve the voluminous effect. The dress can be customized with silver fabric paint or trim to mimic the game's design. The blindfold visor can be made from black fabric or felt, fitted securely over the eyes without obstructing vision. Long white gloves and thigh-high black boots will complement the outfit, with added details to match the game's design.

To accurately portray 2B, focus on her weapons, such as her iconic swords, which can be crafted from lightweight materials like foam for safety and ease of carrying. Additionally, 2B's short, bobbed white hair is a distinctive feature, so a high-quality wig styled to match her look is essential. Her calm and composed demeanor should also be reflected in your portrayal.

2B's makeup should be minimalistic, with an emphasis on a pale, flawless complexion to mimic her android nature. A subtle smokey eye underneath the blindfold can add depth, while a natural lip color will maintain her understated elegance. The white wig should be styled in a neat bob, slightly tucked behind one ear to replicate her in-game appearance accurately.

Incorporating quotes from 2B can add depth to your portrayal, such as: "Emotions are prohibited.," "I never quite realized... how beautiful this world is.," "This battle is for the survival of humanity. It must not be forgotten.," "A future is not given to you. It is something you must take for yourself." and "We're soldiers. We take pride in our service." These quotes capture 2B's complexity, her struggle with emotions, and her dedication to her mission, making them perfect for showcasing her character's depth in your cosplay.

About 2B

2B is the most balanced of the three playable characters in NieR: Automata. She maintains a cold and aloof manner, which has become her defense mechanism for dealing with the harsh realities of life and her programming. Her role was to keep tabs on 9S and keep him from discovering the true nature of Project YoRHa. She was tasked to execute him in case he dug too deep in their affairs, something that comes naturally due to his programming. 2B had to kill 9S and wipe his memory, something she would have to do countless times. Because of the bond she developed with 9S, 2B came to despise her job, which became painful for her to do.

2B is equipped with lots of weapons made for combat in close quarters. The Pod support system enables her to attack from close range. She wears a standard-issue military visor, which she hardly takes off to obscures eyes.


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